oh hey, i’m back again! annual mastodon check-in

Montreal in December: good idea or great idea?

This dog.

Is such a real good dog.

Yes she really really truly is.

I ran essentially the full length of Summit (a beautiful tree-lined parkway) in St. Paul today, then followed that up with a 30ish mile ride from NE Mpls to the southwestern burbs. I h*ckin love the greenways and trails in Minnesota.

My local instance seems to be down atm and it makes me sad because I had some seriously local content to share. But I guess you all get to hear about it now.

*slaps Walt Whitman* This bad boy can contain so many multitudes

so cool to see old friends and new hopping in here!

@natecull Yeah! It’s the multicolour strips — one to rule them all!

@natecull Gen Z here, used something called “litmus paper” to test pH values of various things, but your post has me questioning if it was something other than litmus paper?

@lmorchard i think the traditional response has to do with wolf-human hybrids in a UK city but i don’t recall.

biking down washington ave today, someone was saying kind things about people’s hats and helmets. it made me smile.

hey friends, it's me! brandon! you may remember me from being brandon_mn on the birdsite, or @brandon, or you may not remember me at all! that's ok! glad to be home. :gopherspin:

birdsite complaining 

so, uh, when the birdsite api stuff happens tomorrow, are we going to get another bunch of folks hopping over here?

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