Life is hard when Doctors want to Diagnose you with something to explain your weird behavior to the public in the mean time reassuring that same public that this is something isolated that you have

Don't give up

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Food morning! Busy day today with sports in the morning and appointments in the afternoon.

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I'm almost full, tomorrow is my day to shine!

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So. #*trecht ? I'm free on Saturday. Toot-toot #🏷

I had to find a toilet. So after a short walk I'm having another coffee elsewhere. It's almost time to go home, put on some shoes and sign off. I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into my life. Next time with pics?

In my haste I picked up an Italian newspaper. Even thinking it was Spanish at first. Surprisingly, even to myself, I can almost read it. ... Lots of cuties getting coffee now though. How to flirt in a library? Hey. psst?

Sitting back and having a fancy coffee. Silence emphasizes the words that are spoken. Some of the people seem angry, others are trying to explain things. The eyes are wandering from person to person to phone or book or magazine. In an attempt to blend in I grab a newspaper.

Standing in front of the library the people seem anxious. As if they're waiting for me to make my move. I'm going in.

First uptoote. People. Lots of people. Still no idea where I'm supposed to go but I guess they'd be just as lost if they didn't have things to do. I should go to the library for a while.

Dear social people. I've been dealing with inhibitions for a while now and want to move on. So just now I decided that there was no good reason for me to go home and I could go outside for a bit and see what happens. I'll keep you posted (up to toot?).

I asked the owner if she had danced already. She told me no. She doesn't dance 😢 🔥 though.

I saw Tango night. It's Argentinean tango. Any tips?

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