We ought to be suspicious of business plans that resemble manifest destiny: expansion into supposedly-unclaimed regions, turning inhabitants into tools & discarding the resistant (who now have nowhere to go) or worse.

Before the internet (BBS era) and for a good while after it I felt like I was living in two separate realities - the online world and its culture was so different than the offline world.

Now everyone is online all the time - and I still feel the difference. Because they're living a different online world than I do, and I don't like what theirs has to offer.

Time spent doing what you love is not time wasted.
Time spent with people you enjoy and who enjoy you is not time wasted.
Time spent in introspection and recovery is not time wasted.
Time spent thinking about your passions is not time wasted.
Time spent wondering and dreaming is not time wasted.

It's always fun to unlock your computer in the morning and find an inbox full of late night freaking out by your peers. I think I might be the only one who doesn't check their email outside of working hours (and doesn't have work email on my phone).

@viciousviscosity After the kids are asleep, I place my Bluetooth speaker face down on the lip of the tub, put on Tangerine Dream, and lay in the tub so all of my face besides my nose is underwater and just breath and listen to the music through the water.

@banjofox The main issue is that with asynchronous replication, there is a good chance there will be transactions that have been committed to the primary that have not yet been played on the replica. Facebook handles (or at least handled) this by using a third, local server that does nothing but pull the binary logs. I don't think it even commits them to a database. That gives the data integrity of a local replica with the fault tolerance of a remote replica.

Do you listen to internet radio?

Do you appreciate artists who release works in CC licensing?

Do you like an eclectic mix of music?


Now that #Vermont is back to single digits F, time to share my favorite ice-related infograpic.


Right now if you want to talk to Mastodon or Pleroma or PixelFed or anything else which uses ActivityPub, you need a seperate, different set of code for each.  This is not the result of a standard.  A standard is ... well, *standard*.  A good standard means that any device, or in this case piece of software, which follows that standard, can communicate with any other.  That makes ActivityPub a very poor standard.  Parts that need tight specification are under-specified.  Parts that need looser specification are over-specified.  It's not worth implementing.

Fun fact: the coldest full day I spent outside was -53°C/-63°F up by the Arctic Circle.

- don't stop moving; to keep circulation in extremities.
- hydrate with hot liquids; the extreme cold dries you out.
- don't go off by yourself unless you want to be a punchline.

End of the "jailing ancient FreeBSD" section of #fmjail :

"It’s not like you’re doing something unspeakable, like running Linux in a jail.

<next heading>Jailing Linux"

BTW, here is another way to put it, since I think many people here haven't thought about how problematic DNS / SSL CAs are:

1) With DNS, you DO NOT own/control your domain; you lease/rent it. And your landlord can take it away at any time (and this does happen).

(cotd ...)

I just published a script for people that just moved from one #Mastodon instance to another.

The script will send a private message to all your followers informing them of the move.

Your followers will appreciate the notification.

Use wisely.


Whenever I think of Intel NUC, I automatically think of the Three Stooges, Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk.

So far, no one has been able to convince me otherwise.

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