Get your ANT ready to vote! AGP Vote #1 starts in less than 24 hours, at 00:00 UTC on January 24th. Here are the final details and instructions for how to participate in this historic vote:

The Aragon Conference, , will bring together people who embody and wish to shape the Aragon community. Those who are building and supporting the pseudonymous, secure, trustless future. The decentralized web. Come join us!

The aragonOS 4 release is the culmination of refining our smart contract framework.*

We've added enhancements, security guarantees and more. It's reviewed by two independent audits, and depended upon by more than 140 DAOs on the Ethereum Mainnet.

We are happy to introduce updates from these six amazing teams working on the Aragon and ecosystems! We are giving the Nest teams a voice of their own here in the Aragon Project blog.

It's official: AGP-1 has been approved by ANT voters! Final tally: Yes: 1040515.47716 ANT No: 359.81674 ANT See the final vote on Aragon here:

We really enjoyed this year's in Prague, hope you all did too! Here's a recap of our anti-propaganda propaganda campaign, Dream DAO Pitch Contest, introduction of Lorikeet and more!

More speakers have been confirmed for ! Check out all the currently confirmed speakers at and get your ticket now!

Want to learn how you can use Aragon 0.6 to create your own decentralized organization on Ethereum? Check out the new Aragon User Guide published in our wiki:

Aragon co-founder @licuende will be going on-stage at @ReactiveConf in five minutes (10:30am CET) with a presentation about developing decentralized applications, along with a very special announcement! Watch the livestream here:

Introducing the next step in decentralizing Aragon's development. Flock, funding for Aragon teams. Learn more about becoming an Aragon team beside @AragonOneTeam & the Aragon DAC by @Givethio.

Today we are releasing the first draft of AGP-1: The Aragon Governance Proposal Process for public comment and review. You are invited to share your feedback in this thread on the Aragon Forum:

The Nest program has been up and running for 7 months. It's mature enough to make a high level analysis of the program so far This post shows a breakdown of the numbers, who & what gets funded, structure of the program and a glimpse into the future!

I just backed Solo: the first open source FIDO2 security key. USB & NFC. on Kickstarter

The EU reform threatens Free and Open Source Software. Sign the open letter and !

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