Anyone know how to develop on ? What packages should I install?


I decided to try ( I installed it locally on my machine and use it as my search engine.

It's got its warts, but is impressive so far. What I really like is the number of categories and search engines it has. Let's see how long I use it.

I'm surprised that it's been around for so many years and few talk about it. Most privacy resources mention duckduckgo and

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"Avoid escape nightmares by editing strings in a separate buffer."


Remember the marshmallow study that showed a robust relationship between kids who could resist a treat had better outcomes later in life?

People are having trouble reproducing the study.

"Mideast TV viewership rises by 3 hours a day during Ramadan: Netflix poll"

"Findings showed that peak viewership time in region shifts to 2 a.m.-5 a.m., with viewers spending on average an extra three hours a day watching TV shows or movies."

It’s interesting that while the usual narrative is that Russian interference helped the conservatives win the 2016 elections, it is clear they were quite effective at targeting liberals.

This is the best Emacs tutorial I have encountered. And I say that after using Emacs for almost a decade.

In 2016, deaths due to opiods accounted for 1.5% of all deaths in the US. This puts it near the top 10 causes of death.

Interesting to see how Facebook usage amongst teens varies widely with their parents’ income and educational levels. The trend is not new - it existed in previous years as well.

Why are richer kids are eschewing Facebook?

Makes it easy to key in multiple commands without having to provide a prefix/modifier for each one - as long as all the commands have a common modifier.

Another example of medical transplants being vulnerable to attacks. Why is it that a typical Django web site made by a teenager with no special knowledge is more secure than these devices?

"I did not imitate the skeptics who doubt only for doubting's sake, and pretend to be always undecided; on the contrary, my whole intention was to arrive at a certainty, and to dig away the drift and the sand until I reached the rock or the clay beneath."

-- Rene Descartes

There is a difference between a person seeking knowledge and a person striving to be a skeptic.

Mastering chess and shogi by self-play with a general reinforcement learning algorithm

Bearing in mind AlphaZero has no openings database, it’s also interesting to see that it rediscovers popular openings all by itself – seeming to end up with a preference for the English Opening and the Queens Gambit.

The further you are from mainstream medicine, the greater the confidence signaling. Doctors tend to express the least confidence, and crackpots the most.

This is why alternative medicine thrives.

Society judges charity based on the impact on the *donor* instead of the impact on the *recipient*.

Someone who is ineffective in helping, but puts in a lot of effort is regarded more highly than someone who put in very little time but helped many more.


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