It’s a separate question whether Facebook should be airing political ads of dubious content. Cable networks have discretion. Broadcast networks do not. Facebook seems more like a cable network to me. …

How have people brought over their friends and family successfully? Maybe I should make my own instance?

Renegade Democrat Andrew Yang will get his first taste of the national spotlight at tonight's primary debate. Here's who he is and why he wants to give every American $1,000 a month:

@Gargron - do you happen to know why the 1-click Mastodon install for DigitalOcean is gone?

Ugh, I hate that Digital Ocean has removed the one-click install for Mastodon. I wonder what happened.

Congrats to Raptors fans tonight! What a series and what a game. Happy for Toronto and . Hope to visit it one day.

@nolan 100% agree. I will be able to get more people to switch over I think.


@TheKinrar I think it might be a good idea to register your domain as a Brave publisher: publishers.basicattentiontoken

You could earn BAT from users browsing your instance, and hopefully help with server costs.

What's everyone's primary browser, out of curiosity? Currently mine is Brave but I dabble with Firefox and Vivaldi.

@dansup I think you've been doing a fantastic job. I feel like people don't praise enough, so you might only hear the negative opinions.

@neptronix Yes, Beaker works really well and has some really interesting features. Give it a try, make some sites! I'll help seed them :)

Very excited about what Beaker Browser is making with

The future is decentralized

For those of you that like the federated web, I'd recommend checking out Beaker Browser:

I love the idea of removing the servers and making it super easy to make a site and host it. There's a lot of possibility since this is a mix of BitTorrent and git.

Alright, I'll admit it, I'm a Manjaro guy now. It's really great. Still getting used to how different it is from the Ubuntu flavors I've been using all my life.

I've been enjoying Notion for note taking and file backups:

Since there's no upload limit that I can tell... 😅

One thing I think could help Mastodon get a bigger audience is making it easier for less tech savvy people to build their own instances. I can see instances based on more nich communities and also geographic regions.

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