$1.5 trillion is enough to give $1,000 a month to everyone in the country for 4-5 months. β€¦

This is completely insane, one of our two parties is a legit crime org: How the Trump Campaign Took Over the G.O.P.

Really enjoying and what it offers. Really interesting work, could it perhaps become the next YouTube? It will take some time but the first steps are good. Here's an invite link:$/invite/@bdsa:d

@shoq With Republicans trying to oust Dorsey and turn Twitter into Gab now more than ever we need folks to move over to the Fediverse! /cc @Gargron


Following American politics has to be one of the most frustrating things a person can do. I would probably be much happier if I didn't but then would feel as if I failed my civic duty.

#NotSoFunFact: A CT scan in the U.S. costs $1100, but $140 in the Netherlands. The scan is the same, the only difference is the healthcare system.

So now PBS is on YouTube TV, which is awesome. But I'm a monthly contributor to my local PBS station and I can't get their signal very well. Now I have to decide between paying YouTube TV to actually watch them, or just keep paying them as a thank you for great content. I would much rather pay $10-20 a month to just stream their content. 😞

Anyone here use CBD for anxiety/stress? I just started and I'm curious which flowers/oils are the best.

I love the NVIDIA Shield but hate the Android TV OS. Even then, the AI 4k upscaling makes me want to get the new one. Perhaps I can learn to live with the interface. Currently I use the Fire TV 4k, which is nice, specially the remote.

It’s a separate question whether Facebook should be airing political ads of dubious content. Cable networks have discretion. Broadcast networks do not. Facebook seems more like a cable network to me. β€¦

How have people brought over their friends and family successfully? Maybe I should make my own instance?

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