First day of work after two awesome weeks of summer vacation. #🛠️

The next bug Looks like someone has to update this piece of 💩 again. #🤮

Found a corpse in the cellar and ex coworker left. #🤮

Who introduced this awesome design of 's backtick-escape-design?

New-Service -Name "Prometheus WMI Exporter" -BinaryPathName "C:\Program Files\Prometheus\wmi_exporter-0.7.0-amd64.exe --collectors.enabled=cpu,cs,logical_disk,net,memory,os,service,system,textfile `"C:\Program Files\Prometheus\textfile_inputs`"" -Description "Prometheus WMI Exporter"

Need #🥃 .

Finally setuped on my own public hosts. 👍

Implementing my first powershell-based pump in for . 😂

In the office - no one else is on my floor. Working in times of

In "delete mood" today. Hope to get some old VMs trashed.

Jesus! Recovered a 0.9TB of data from v3. Hell of a system!

Repairing stuff a colleague broke. 😐

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