The hurry is that people are dying and the virus is mutating... Ultimately, it seems like most "intelligent" arguments against getting vaccinated boil down to "no amount of risk is worth protecting others." Which I find quite antisocial.

There is known safe treatment for Covid, vax not needed. No known treatments for side effects of vax. Vax uses gene therapy technology. Recovery rate of C19 is 99.8%. majority of those who died where: over 70yo, obese, underlying conditions.
All the above is verifiable.
It's not about the virus!
@hicks @atoponce

The recovery rate for mRNA vaccines is 100%. Old People and obese people are people too, who also deserve not to die.
@hicks@mstdn.io @atoponce

No one deserves to die. According to official reporting, over 5k in US & over 12k in Europe have died from C19 vax, needlessly. HCQ & ivermectin both work well & don't have a side effect of death.
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5,208 have died from 302,000,000 vaccinations in the United States, or a rate of 0.0017%.

596,572 deaths from 33,259,537 confirmed cases in the United States, or a race of 1.79%.

That's an unvaccinated death rate of 1,000 times, or three full orders of magnitude compared to those who are vaccinated.

The vaccinations are safe and effective. Stop spreading antivax FUD.

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These could be a rare side effects from a vaccine! Or they could be unrelated coincidences. Hard to say from a random internet video. Regardless of which it is, there are non-negligible long term risks associated with COVID-19 (along with death). All studies (so far) indicate the risk of side-effects from the vaccines are quite small compared to letting a random bat-virus have its way with you.



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There is no "bat virus", it was never isolated". The time to believe in this whole fairy tale is over.

The so called "long term effects" are the same as the flu, EXACTLY THE SAME.

While there has been more than 5 thousands deaths of the vaccine in the first month. Stop being STUPID.


Actually, the symptoms are fairly distinct! Of course there's a lot of similarities too.


Regardless, that chart does seem to have quite a few differences between the flu and COVID-19. Shortness of breath, chest pain, rapid breathing, ect.


Of course. "Covid" is an umbrella term used to encompass flu, common cold, allergies and other respiratory illnesses.

@mystik Actually, that's a common misconception. SARS‑CoV‑2 has been isolated many times by various teams in different parts of the world. In fact that is part of how they check what mutations have occurred.




>"It’s also incorrect to say that the virus that causes Covid-19 would need to meet Koch’s postulates, primarily because Koch’s postulates weren’t written for viruses."

LMAO! What an idiot intern wrote this? YES, IT NEEDS TO FOLLOW KOCH'S POSTULATES.

>"We also know that PCR tests are identifying the virus that causes Covid-19 and working well."

No, you idiot intern, PCR does not serve as a "virus test". Listen to the inventor of the PCR technique.

>links to articles that claim to isolate when they do not

@awaspnest Yes, I read them.

They all use the same faulty procedure to CLAIM that they isolated, when they did not.


@mystik I trust the majority of doctors, scientists, and experts that say that virus's exist and we can isolate them. Given that you don't, I don't see how much further we can get discussing this.

But I do have to ask, if there is no SARS‑CoV‑2: What about all of the overfull hospitals during virus outbreaks in various parts of the world?


@mystik Well, I'm just a stranger on the internet, but I actually do have a number of friends who are doctors in Germany (granted south-Germany), and the stories they tell are quite different. I trust my friends a lot more than this guy.

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2021 can't be counted since vaccines are killing most of the old people.
@awaspnest @mystik Let's just give up on all our constitutional rights and freedoms over the flu with 99% survival rate. Fuck this dumb world.
@awaspnest By the way, that "guy" is a renowned war journalist.
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