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Ok I'm getting somewhere with this prusa face shield. I made it out of abs with 0.4 mm layer height.

I'm keeping this for myself as I touched it and breathed all over it while figuring out if the print quality is ok., All the subsequentbatches are coming to Community Make and all the hospitals they're in contact with.

covid-19 stuff 

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Coronavirus, Elon Musk 

The thing the engine is mounted on, is called nacelle.

There are other planes with engines at the back, like MD-80.

The only other airplane with FOUR engines in the back is Vickers VC10, but it barely had any commercial service.

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The article on one of the crashes has the most USSR ever uttered.

- *Pilot puts some load on the engine*
- *Plane crashes*

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Is it me or the way engines mounted on il-62 is totally weird?

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I watched Philosophy Tube episode on Chernobyl and now I can't stop listening to Sovietwave

Tiger King is completely bonkers. When I think it can't get any more bonkers, it becomes exponentially more bonkers.

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I built this word clock for my wife a couple years ago but some of the connections had come loose and unreliable. finally found the time to open it up and fix it.

With the surge of use of video meeting, maybe some things don't have to be a video meeting.

I'm going to read this tomorrow -- The Basecamp Guide to Internal Communication

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Jitsi Meet: How many video participants in a single conference room can a self hosted server support? Didn't find a good answer so I tried it out myself:

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Who doesn't like looking at pictures of other people's desks?

Right, exactly, no one. So for my first post on the blog I collected some photos and can now present to you:

The Home Offices of Sourcegraph!

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We're going to try to use teleconference software for our next #GTALUG meeting in April.

Which one you prefer to use?

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Here's the video of our#GTALUG March meeting

Ham Radio with a side of Linux with Alan Heighway

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My brother shot and edited a short series about the food neighborhoods in #Toronto called "In The Belly of Hogtown"! It's from a couple of years back now and that scene changes so fast, but it's available online now.

I'm so proud of my bro, y'all.

(Boosts appreciated!)

I wrote a blog post on how to update a really old version of Raspbian so it is possible to run OctoPrint 1.4.0 with Python 3.7

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