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I'm close to breaking this whole thing wide open

This article says everything I ever wanted to know about refactoring in python, starting from theory, giving examples of tools to use finally demonstrating common anti-patterns that increase code complexity.

There are also subways, lots of subways.

Youtube studio bet just gets more an more broken in firefox with each new update, or every few weeks.

I have a feeling that the only person who tested the site in firefox has quit about 6 months ago and now it rapidly approaches being unusable in anything but chrome.

"Google is banning political advertising on its platforms ahead of the Canadian federal election because of new ad transparency rules it says would be too challenging to comply with."

Liberapay is a great alternative to Patreon and Facebook Fan Subscriptions.

- They take 0%
- European non-profit organization
- Open Source
- Funded by donations

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I finally got memory replacement. Now I appreciate my computer not crashing.

The 'Right to Repair' Movement Is Gaining Ground and Could Hit Manufacturers Hard

The EU and at least 18 U.S. states are looking to address the impact of planned obsolescence

Kdenlive developers are organizing a test day event tomorrow, 22nd of February 2019, from 17pm to 22pm CET, for the upcoming version of their acclaimed video-editing application. Help report problems and shape the future!

"it's not just a women's issue β€” it is a human issue," Beatriz said.

Another day, another way Facebook is hijacking your personal data.

Get our FB container extension to keep them from tracking you across the web and use Firefox Focus to log into FB on your phone, instead of their app: tweeted by @Firefox

So I made a thing.

The green on this graph shows where chlorophyll b absorbs (the type mostly used by plants). You can see it catches light in two places. Near 450nm (the blue end of the spectrum) and around 650nm (in the red).

The two lines show the wavelengths emitted by LED lights. Blue is cool white and red is warm white. Both have a spike in emission around chlorophyll's blue absorption and broad emission over the red absorption.

In other words, this is why houseplants like LED lighting!

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