Hashtag-laden bios look far too corporate/Twitter-ish and I will do my best never to go down that route.

Boost if you feel the same.

@imani @lilithsaintcrow As in, once the female writer departed the show, violence against women have become an overused plot device.

@imani @lilithsaintcrow

This makes me feel that the show-within-a-show Philbert is funnier and bleaker at the same time.

Important APT security update - please read the instructions to upgrade APT safely debian.org/security/2019/dsa-4

Bobby McCullough and his partner chose not to assign their child a gender at birth. bit.ly/2sOowJv

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Ugh Louie.

In a comedy routine he said -- "This is all going to end in two years, but now I'm flying first class".
I read it as a comment on relevance, fame and fortune are fleeing (also he should given himself a bit more time than two years). Now this reads -- he knew why it's going to end.

Everything that he said at the time felt candid and personal, it turned out to be inappropriate behaviour. He used us, the audience, to normalize his actions.

@robotcarsley @lousycanuck @hache @Nezchan

Maybe it's not authobiographical, but now if I'm going to watch for all the biographical things that happen, instead of enjoying the show.

Or the opposite -- I would get emotionally invested and would have to reconcile that with one of the writers did, or go as far as defend the writer as part of the show.

This seems like a lot of work.

Bags of the things that fail to "spark joy" have been piling up over the last month, according to a thrift store manager. bit.ly/2FGG4zk

@lousycanuck @hache @Nezchan Awesome. Now I don't have to watch Father Ted.

I felt that it was culturally important enough for me to watch it, but I haven't really had the time. Now I don't have to.

Sometimes a movie or a tv series doesn't hold up after a while, in this case I don't have an opinion about the series but the writer certainly is not holding up.

@thinkMoult You might want to try local hackerspace if there's one near you, going to hackerspaces is really good for finding people of different skill sets to work on multidisciplinary projects.

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🌠 The Chambered Nautilus, Osmosis, and Poetry: A Thread 🌠

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I moved my server from Linode 2048 account to Hetzner C11 -- same cpu and ram, less storage but more transfer.

Hetzner is about third of the cost.

I also moved from centos to debian. Backup/restore and moving letsencrypt config went surprisingly smoothly.

Since the new vm runs on NVM, subjectively, it seems faster.

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