@annika At this point I wish some of my friends would cross post from twitter, so I don't need to go to their pages.

@sourcookie Arnold Schwarzenegger remembers his previous job as overzealous food inspector who had his memory wiped by execs of big agro because he kept getting in their way.

I'm sure it's possible to tie-in Elon Musk and his mars rockets into this.

Cue car chase in a Boring tunnel.

@sourcookie Is this a new millenial-themed action movie taking place on mars and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Hacking the official Raspberry Pi keyboard: Build a battery-powered all-in-one Pi keyboard! - howchoo

Hey folks! Hope to see some of you at #SREcon this week!

I'm speaking tomorrow at 5pm (last slot 😱) if you want to learn about SLOs and the nitty gritty of monitoring Kubernetes: usenix.org/conference/srecon19

@nev lol This is a level up.

cue a movie poster with Nick Cage with a title


Coming July 19 in theaters everywhere.

Eben Moglen was interview for an NPR segment about the
Boeing 737 Max crashes.

Here's a preview: "If we in the 21st century still believe in human autonomy, then we need to put that value into the software that runs our world.”

READ: softwarefreedom.org/news/2019/

I played a musical instrument when I was in school and found music theory utterly boring.

This episode of PBS Sound Field explains music theory behind James Brown and I can't get enough of it

There are 4 episodes out so far, all of them are amazing.

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javascrpt programming grumble Show more

@Quinntessential mountain goats the band, or just regular mountain goats?

(I feel this distinction is important, because knowing the band I just find regular mountain goat screaming more cathartic)

Big Tech's Favorite Excuse for Letting Hate Go Viral Is a Great Argument Against Big Tech: gizmodo.com/big-techs-favorite

TL;DR: That favorite excuse is Scale.

"Too big to fail" also means "too big to succeed". Too big to effectively manage the communities & conversations, manage the intercultural conflicts between differing community standards, etc., etc.

/ Link hat-tip @michel_slm
/ Tag @dredmorbius @JollyOrc

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There's a thread on HN on programming initiative for women.

It is going in a predictable direction.

I thought it was uniquely HN problem, by now I can see this happening everywhere, it's just HN has more of 'well actually' people -- whenever there's an initiative for women to do anything, they show up and start making really bad arguments about how this is pointless for a completely unrelated reason.

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