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Shoutouts to the tech companies and VCs taking their courageous, principled stands at precisely the moment that it's too late for courage or principles to matter.

@gnomon Not in the near future, but I hope for never.

@gnomon Ugh. WIth all this working from home during covid I'm able to hack around vpn settings and connect from linux machine. This is actually better now.

I really don't want to go back to the office.

negative, work, just griping 

@gnomon Oh it looks like you're working for the government or a big bank.

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It's Miyazaki's 80th birthday and because he loves us and wants us to be happy, Ghibli just release almost 2,000 hi-res images from their films for reasonable use. So get on that.

@randomgeek I find it easier to either read django documentation or search stack overflow -- if the answer doesn't fit in a screen there's usually a link in the answers to a decent blog post on topic.

@uint8_t This is great! Thank you I'll use it.

I think the most time I spend debugging things in OpenSCAD is after I rotate them, and then forget I that axis are different now.

I found another helpful way of dealing with axis switching weirdness is to make that operation to be the last (if possible).

Do all the translations and modifications, and as the last modification to the part -- rotate it in place.

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#OpenSCAD debugging tip. I wrote a small helper function which creates 3 cones among each axis, in different colors. Anytime I'm lost (mostly because of rotations) I just call this function, and use it as a reference for everything what's below.

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Yes, twitter is bad, obviously, but also, DHH tweets about Foucault? mmmm

I updated my mail config for SPF, DKIM and DMARC using this article.

There's a very clear explanation of the set up process as well as testing the configuration. Highly recommend.

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It's my dream to make weird internet art, silly indie games, and educational tools and resources full-time!

If you decided to support my independence in doing that, it would mean the world to me! <3

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I feel like I'm about 10 years behind on this technology, but my first 3D printer arrived today, a Prusa Mini! :) Here's a thread with a few observations while I assemble it and try it out!

@blinry I heard really good things about prusa mini. Please keep this thread going it's really interesting how the printer comes together.

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covid humor 

I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown — planning, in other words, for a Wurst-Käse scenario

(not mine. copypasta from un-CWed toot)

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Pretty hyped that I get to use Kdenlive for my day job. It really is a professional application.

I've been radicalized by video games, specifically City Skylines.

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please, stop sending sealed clay cuneiform tablets complaining about copper shipments to my wife

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