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Statistics Canada has prepared a bunch of playlists that we can listen to while filling out the census. The one I'm listening to is making my feet tap, to my surprise.

(Via @.fredfred and @.AaronWherry over on the birdsite.)

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@bgcarlisle 60% of the time works every time.

I have my own frustrations with teams not finding my sound card in linux.

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Kdenlive Cafés are back! And streaming! Join us next Tuesday, May 4th at 7pm UTC for 2 hours of live videochat on video-editing, video-storytelling, plans, projects and all things #Kdenlive. See you there!


@gnomon Good luck man. This is terrifying but it's the change for the better.

@ehashman Netflix chromecast always worked like that. In the end for this and many other annoying bugs, I just replaced it with a PC and a wireless keyboard

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Tomorrow I'm going to host Episode 27 with an amazing set of guests: and !

Go hit the reminder button over on YouTube to be notified! Sunday 2nd May, 10PM CEST / 1PM PDT


@tindall Every time I see people post reports of Adobe Audition crashes I realize that kdenlive is actually pretty stable, and has decent GPU support on linux.

My very ad-hoc nursery greenhouse made out of egg carton and grocery bag seems to be doing it’s thing.

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Presenting: Squiggly Squid, a physics-based underwater platformer! Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 48 with and #LDJAM

Play it here: 🦑🐠🐟🐡

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#Kdenlive 21.04 is out with:

💎 UI/UX improvements
🛠️ Many bug fixes
📸 Typewriter and Strobing effects
🎉 New Effect Zones and Speech-to-Text features
🗃️ Media Browser
📡 Online Resources widget + more media providers
🔍 Timeline Zoombars

Get it now:

I'm really liking design updates of firefox developer edition 89.

Everything feels a little bit more precise.

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Rediscovering #infrared #photography. It's been a few years, but a friend of a friend offered a converted camera for next to nothing, so I couldn't say no.

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RT @vcmusictheory
Jazz musician Computer
explaining generating
a chord a password



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Episode 26: Dr. Morgan Lemmer-Webber, an academic journey

@mlemweb gets a PhD and we talk about that whoooooole long process

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