@Nezchan Sorry I completely missed the part about deleting config file when I read your first message.

There might be something in other config files that contain the term.

@Nezchan Look into ~/.config/Clementine/Clementine.conf

Deleting this file will erase all of your Clementine settings, so rename it to Clementine.conf_bak

Restart Clementine and check if it resolves the issue you're having.

If this action causes more issues than it solves, rename Clementine.conf_bak to Clementine.conf

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@Nezchan That looks like giberrish to me as well -- seems like a JSON file with... stuff in it.

Can you try the following command -- it would only show filenames where the term appears

grep -rnil clementine ~/.config

@Nezchan This is where all the configuration files are kept. I suspect the issue you're having with windows because there's some stray setting somewhere that makes this happen.
I'd carefully examine what grep returns (it returns matching patterns and file names where it finds them).

I'd open the files it returns with text editor and see what they contain.

Deleting *some* of these files will reset your settings, but this will reset all of your settings and can mess with other system params.

@Nezchan there's probably some setting in your ~/.config directory.

Try running 'grep -rni clementine ~/.config' and see if that brings anything.

@mhoye OLPC has back and white screen mode that should work in the sunlight. Give it a try.

@alex Hey Alex, why do you keep boosting your own posts?

I'm just curious.

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The number one reason I want a laptop with an e-ink screen is so that I can work outside on days like today.

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Got an *old* Canon camera?

Roman needs your help getting his hands on some .CRW files to provide support for testing! Please help out if you can (check the topic for more info).

(In fact, we can use _many_ camera model raw files using old .CRW - please take a moment to check out raw.pixls.us and see if you have a camera we're missing raw files for!)


#raw #photography #canon #FreeSoftware

@patdavid Oh, wow. I have 2 cameras from the list -- Canon CHDK and Panasonic.

I'll try to get some images over the weekend.

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If you scroll down to the FreeCAD section, there are instructions on using the Mesh workbench to repair STL files that aren't water tight (manifold).


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yeah … OK, I'm gonna have fun with this. Best IoT device ever!

@qwazix This looks like a new meme in the making.

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Upgrading node from 6.x to 11.x and then cleaning up all warnings that show up when run npm install command has sped up my deploy pipeline from 3m 58s to 2m 55s.

I still think its slow and something is very wrong there, but 25% speedup from just updating things is nice.

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