I ended up fixing formatting on the fronted with SASS.

Here's a bit of sass I used. Docutils generate css class 'footnote' on which I can anchor elements.

border: none
border: none
border: none
border: none
border: $table-border
border: $table-border
border: $table-border
padding-left: 3px

I had no work units in the morning, and that was a good thing because I had a chance to disable CPU unit. GPU on its own makes more points than GPU & CPU (~84K vs 66K).

Now finally got one but need computer to work. It will have to run this in the evening.

The first ever video conferencing with jitsi is considered a success. No significant lag or connection weirdness.

Graphs below show resource utilization during 5-person conference on the cheapest hetzner machine (cx11) as a host.

Disaster capitalism. 

I love but the UI is not consistent with anything I know, and kind of cryptic.

There seem to be no help available within the app, F1 gives photo a 1-star rating, pressing question mark redirects to a website with no obvious help section and mashing random buttons doesn't help either.

EZCAP28X HDMI capture with mic-in connection

Connected to RODE vodemicro on a hotshoe adapter to 1/4-20 screw tripod.

This contraption works -- capture device provides enough voltage for the microphone. I can use it as audience microphone/b-cam.

Two problems:

* capture device max out at 50Hz refresh rate and the screen really likes 60Hz. But for capturing desktop I don't really see a difference.

* I hear some clicks on the video, not sure where are they coming from

TIL there is an gray color that is AAA accessible and easy to remember #575757

I found it on this website... that given background color, generates accessible gray combination.

I'm getting very old-school unix vibe from it.


I'm still working on organizing everything I'm doing. Organizing everything using Agile seem silly, but that's what is happening.

I created priority and importance labels. Next stop -- how many points I can complete in a week, and having performance review meetings with myself. LOL.

After all the weird weather and rain we've been having lately, park ravine is flooded.

Electronics in my USB "key" in my keychain are gone. Good thing to didn't keep anything important on it.

I'm still hoping to find the chip in a bag somewhere.


Lately it's been difficult to find bike LED lights that would work on AA/AAA batteries, so I'm trying to fix what I have.

My rear bike lamp stopped working a while ago. Turns out it wasn't broken, it just needed some maintenance. After removing corrosion with dental tool, it works again.

I'm early today. The setup is done with 50 minutes to spare.

I see that the no smoking signs were recently updated.


camera stuff 

My backup server still WIP.
This is Cubietruck that runs armbian and is connected to a 2TB HDD powered by 12V coming from ATX power supply.

I'm using rustic to store local backup and run rclone that syncs to backblaze from the machine.

I'm going to pull out atx socket from a dead motherboard so I can properly wire everything up. I also want to use this case as a home for more small computers that I have laying around.

I got 2 LED lamps that work with balast and this is not what I need them to do, so I took them apart and avoided old electronics by connecting new LED driver directly to the input strip leads.

The lamp now takes 92V DC.

My soldering iron at home sucks and this is the first time I'm working at the new @hacklab location.

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