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My backup server still WIP.
This is Cubietruck that runs armbian and is connected to a 2TB HDD powered by 12V coming from ATX power supply.

I'm using rustic to store local backup and run rclone that syncs to backblaze from the machine.

I'm going to pull out atx socket from a dead motherboard so I can properly wire everything up. I also want to use this case as a home for more small computers that I have laying around.

I got 2 LED lamps that work with balast and this is not what I need them to do, so I took them apart and avoided old electronics by connecting new LED driver directly to the input strip leads.

The lamp now takes 92V DC.

My soldering iron at home sucks and this is the first time I'm working at the new @hacklab location.

I'm working on a new mount for my lights stand. I decided to use M5 hardware for everything.

The whole square thing around 1/4-20 bolt was not a great idea, but version 2 is on the way.

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For anyone having issues with octopi failing to update automatically with this message --

"This version of the Python environment is not supported for direct updates"

The solution is to ssh into octoprint server.

Then upgrade pip

$ source ~/oprint/bin/activate
(oprint)$ pip install --upgrade pip

After that run octoprint update from command line

(oprint)$ pip install
$ sudo service octoprint restart

Probing Failed.

I love BedVisualizer, now my bed looks like a black hole.

I'm growing some tomatoes on my balcony garden and soon I need to get some sticks to support the weight of the berries.

Now assemble everything back and add and add some electrical tape around the body of the molded piece for the good measure.

Now this can be used to record separate track on stereo right and left channel. I'm going to be using this to record presenter with a lavaliere wireless microphone on one channel and the audience with a shotgun microphone on the other.

Put some tape on Right channel for the right socket, and left channel for the left socket.

Do not cut the stamped parts -- I tried doing it at the first attempt at this and this doesn't work, as this whole system is friction-fit and if any of the parts are cut 3.5mm jack won't stay in place.

I looked up the diagram for 3.5 mm connector and it looks like this.

So the round sockets at the top are ground.

Inner stamped leaves are right channel, outer once left channel.

Though knowing which channel is which doesn't make any real difference as long as what I'm about to do is consistent.

Find molding split and insert a sharp tool in there -- like a small screwdriver, knife or dental pick.

I also 3d Printed the following parts

Flag pole --

I'm not entirely happy with the flag pole as it is not stable as I wanted it to be. I'm making my own now.

Handle --

Handle is not made for metric screws, but since I printed it with PLA, it was really easy to convince it to accept them.

Here's the lamp in action --

Repeat the process 4x times. The sockets are also self-wiring, so all i have to do is stick end of the wire in there.

I 3d-printed IEC 320 socket, although I'm not entriely happy with how it turned out --

The black part is the bottom mount of the socket. Printed with PETG at 0.4mm layer height.

I used compass from the dollar store to measure circle diameter, and mark them with a sharpie.

Then cut round holes in the dish pan using really old soldering iron.

I used slightly more expensive thread-on sockets so I didn't have to mess with silicone.

I had a bunch of CFL light bulbs laying around so I made this this DIY video light loosely following these instructions --


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