I only don't think Microsoft is a malicious company because I don't use their products.

Here's an example of why no one else should use their products -- they will lie to you.

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Welcome to china.

I got my fingerprints scanned. Since I'm only on a layover here, I believe I could have avoided this by either trying to explain to the police that I'm on layover, acting confused or pretending to be an EU citizen, as no one really asked me about it at any of the checkpoints.

Lens at hacklab photography shop. Hacklab.to/about. I wish all the adapters for my camera will arrive soon so I can borrow a few.

I read an article on David Hockney and the recent auction for Portrait of an Artist.

Of course I went down the link well, which made me notice the inspiration for an album cover -- Geoffroy - Coastline, that haven't been able to pinpont.

I bought a new (used) camera and I'm reading the manual. I'm one of those people.

This particular paragraph entertained me.
In the age of machine learning and surveillance capitalism I shouldn't be surprised, but I am.

How does the camera knows the age of the child? What happens when the picture is taken on child's birthday? Does scene detection stops working? I have so many questions.

Beware of Canada Post scammers. They are getting crafty.

They are still don't really understand formal language, an no, adding "We are sorry to say" doesn't make it English (Canada bureaucratic), also email is bogus and the link doesn't direct where the label says it does.

Fall is here. I feel like in the following weeks I'm going to post a lot more pictures like these.

The colors are a tiny bit off, but for what I'm doing (capturing slides) this is perfectly acceptable.

HDMI passthrough capture device that I've bought for $60 CAD, works rather well.

Fortunately I found Automatic Gain Control plugin for audacity, and it basically saved the audio. The audio is not nearly as good as if it were recordred with my Rode, but at least it now legible.

The plugin can be found here -- forum.audacityteam.org/viewtop

The only custom setting I've used -- squelch threashold level was set to -40db.

After being on mastodon for a few months I realize I don't own enough .

I'm envious of anyone who has Matt3o /dev/tty and sincerely regret that I didn't boost any of the posts when I had a chance.

The keyboard photo is from this massdrop page, and I've requested another drop.


Gitlab quick actions is a really nice shortcut

Quck actions in gitlab work by typing commands as comments

i.e Commenting
/unlabel ~Doing
/label ~Production

Removes label "Doing" and adds label "Production"

I wish there would be a way to create a conditional statement to apply these rules for issues i.e. remove 'Doing' label when issue is closed. Add 'Production' label when appropriate CI pipeline finishes.

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Any suggestions of what might cause bed probe to detect bend like this? I tried two different heated bed and this thing shows up in the same spot. I suspect something is misaligned on Y-axis.

I thought I was done, but now I need to redo all the video positioning, because I just feel like it.

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