I'm having donuts somewhere in Ohio. Thank you, Elaine!

Good morning I finally made it to morning lighting talks.

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I had problems with printer extruding filament inconsistently, calibrating the extrusion rate helped, but the extrusion multiplier would be somewhere around 0.93 - 0.93 and the values would be different on each run.

I finally replaced the nozzle. The first calibration run, the printer landed exactly on 100mm mark. Then I looked at the nozzle in the microscope.

Sometimes nozzles just wear out.

I got out my homemade 3d printer that I haven't used and a while and have done 'some work' on it before I put it away.

Now the prints fail for the most random reasons: from cable for heated bed get twisted the wrong way and getting stuck in the machinery, to spool sliding off the table falling on a Raspberry Pi that controls the printer and powering it off in that manner.

The first two prints in the photo have layers shifted, the last one is just incomplete.

Some steel 0.4mm nozzles from aliexpress are really hit and miss once you put them under a microscope.

First image is a brass nozzle from aliexpress (for comparison), the remaining two images are of steel nozzles of varying quality.

*Looking at the back of a bottle of a hand sanitizer*

All the 'far in the future' dates have now turned into 'best before' dates.

Or 'best before' date on this particular bottle is written with a weirdly futuristic font.

There's a thread on HN on programming initiative for women.

It is going in a predictable direction.

I thought it was uniquely HN problem, by now I can see this happening everywhere, it's just HN has more of 'well actually' people -- whenever there's an initiative for women to do anything, they show up and start making really bad arguments about how this is pointless for a completely unrelated reason.

Since I started doing some video editing, I started noticing things.

I see what you did here, Vox. (look at the tree in the middle of the picture)

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