There's a thread on HN on programming initiative for women.

It is going in a predictable direction.

I thought it was uniquely HN problem, by now I can see this happening everywhere, it's just HN has more of 'well actually' people -- whenever there's an initiative for women to do anything, they show up and start making really bad arguments about how this is pointless for a completely unrelated reason.

Since I started doing some video editing, I started noticing things.

I see what you did here, Vox. (look at the tree in the middle of the picture)

I downloaded the archive of my google+ account that is about to get deleted. I used to post a lot of things to google, way more than facebook. I guess I believed in it.

I think I'm going to post old photos for a bit , just out of nostalgia.

Here's a picture I took at Bad Religion concert in Toronto On April 1st 2013.

I made bread. It's a variation on artisan olive oil bread recipe where I experiment with different flours and molasses instead of sugar.

- 2 cups whole wheat flour
- 2 cups of rye flour
- 3 cups of white flour
- 2 tbl spoons of yeast
- 2 tbl spoons of molasses
- 1.5 tbl spoons of sea salt
- 0.25 cups of olive oil

A bit of weird UI decisions I discovered in -- even though it warns you that rendering is done with low quality proxy, this is the only way to render 4K UHD video without export audio going out of sync.

I tried working on the video with the boot settings above and everything seems to be fine for a while... until I tried to render a video that I've been working on in kdenlive.

After some deliberation, the computer, predictably crashed.

So I left memtest86 running overnight, and it has found more bad areas.

I left computer on in case any more bad memory turn up.

In the evening I will try these boot settings


saga continues.

I've noticed this little indicator in System Tray. This is a great idea that I'd never really thought about.

Just pressing caps lock on and off then watching this tray icon show up and disappear brings me such joy.

please don't remove this feature, I really like it.

After I left the headlights on at -14C the battery decided it had enough and called it quits. Thank you everyone for helping me out in a pinch, if it weren't for you, this fun day would have been a lot more difficult.

I only don't think Microsoft is a malicious company because I don't use their products.

Here's an example of why no one else should use their products -- they will lie to you.

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Welcome to china.

I got my fingerprints scanned. Since I'm only on a layover here, I believe I could have avoided this by either trying to explain to the police that I'm on layover, acting confused or pretending to be an EU citizen, as no one really asked me about it at any of the checkpoints.

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