the whole concept of "app" as thought of today is a consequence of free software having been completely obliterated as a cultural concept

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instagram is a service which, due to what we in the industry call "complete bullshit", requires an application also called "instagram" to use it

but every single thing is like that so we just say "instagram is an app" and i can't stand it

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even with completely nonstandard interfaces free software is necessary, if not sufficient, for fixing this

you could have many competing android photo sharing apps implementing many APIs each. real user choice

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free software doesn't fix those apps being bad - we need other things for that - but it at least makes it possible for them to have other motives than "extract money from users' wallets"

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the uh. slightly less wholesome conclusion here is that we irretrievably lost some time around 2012 and what we have now is just the scraps the corps are okay with throwing to us

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@tindall I think inherent problem of free software that by itself you can't monetize it, and what facebook did is to create a 'walled garden' and sell ads in, there's also a bunch of marketing to put instagram in the minds of users.

Anyway, I've come to conclusion that free software will not became popular by itself due to systemic societal issues beyond the scope of software itself. I'm not saying that free software is bad, but we may need look from the other end of the problem.

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@avolkov @tindall I fear one of the reasons for the rise of the surveillance capitalism and "ad tech" is that a lot of end users are simply unable to pay in the current economic conditions—their personal data is their only remaining asset they can trade for online services.

@dmbaturin @tindall Partly that, partly this is how the first money was made on the internet and now everyone does that.

Reply All had a good episode on how advertising on the internet got started --

@avolkov yeah, I mean, it's definitely the case that these systems are bound up with capitalism in a very intense way. I think, as I said above, some time around 2012-2013 that entanglement may have become irreversable. I hope not, though.

@avolkov @tindall We tout "user's choice" like it was the greatest thing ever, but the fact of the matter is, most users simply don't care. Most users are already fed up that some of their friends use Messenger while others user Viber and some outlier acquitances are on Skype. Most users seem to be incredibly happy if even these 3 choices would be restricted to just one, finally everyone could be chatted with.

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