For all of the friends in eastern part of Toronto, Michael Garron Hospital has requested assistance from those with 3D-printing capabilities to assist in creating parts for PPE Face Shields.

They use different design, it's not stackable when printing, as prusa, but it also doesn't require laser cut parts instead uses 3-punch transparent folder and a lot less filament.

Botcamp came up with tips and tricks to speed up visor printing --

So far I'm using the only one tip -- and it is a literal tip 0.5mm nozzle. It saves me about 15 minutes per 2x print.

Whenever I have time I want to outfit the second printer with 0.5mm nozzle (I found one!) and then experiment with automatic bed cleaning.

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For me automated bed cleaning will save time on bed leveling, and ideally make printer run 24hrs a day.

Here's my initial attempt. This doesn't work and didn't go as planned

M140 S0; turn off heated bed
M106 S255 ; turn on fan at full blast
G4 P60000; Wait for a minute

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The things I didn't anticipate -- gcode where nozzle would go up at the end of the print.

I need move the nozzle down first into a safe position, blast the fan so the bed and print cools down faster

The nozzle hit the print in the wrong spot and left a mark. ( need to turn off the extruder heater).

Motors jammed because a wrong angle.

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