But tractors from the 1970s and 1980s aren’t so dramatically different from tractors produced in the 2000s, other than the irksome software


I would guess the biggest improvement for the tractors of today would be more efficient diesel engines or using electric engines.

There's got to be some small tractor manufactures using old designes with updated power trains, or refurbishing old tractors.

@avolkov Boosted for more visibility, because it's not something I know myself

@baturkey I'm kind of clueless about it to and I fully expect @Pixley to stare me down, but from right-to-repair perspective this has been a big issue for a while. There's a good vice article on it.

@avolkov @baturkey @Pixley

I guess this might be one of the best alternative, sadly in french

They have a solar powered version for two people to lie down and cleanup rows too

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