This is a quick one.

Turning 3.5mm jack splitter into left-right channel splitter. Using a sharp tool to open the molded case and then some electrical tape.

I'm using this $0.40 jack splitter from monoprice, but anything works, really --

Find molding split and insert a sharp tool in there -- like a small screwdriver, knife or dental pick.

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I looked up the diagram for 3.5 mm connector and it looks like this.

So the round sockets at the top are ground.

Inner stamped leaves are right channel, outer once left channel.

Though knowing which channel is which doesn't make any real difference as long as what I'm about to do is consistent.

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Put some tape on Right channel for the right socket, and left channel for the left socket.

Do not cut the stamped parts -- I tried doing it at the first attempt at this and this doesn't work, as this whole system is friction-fit and if any of the parts are cut 3.5mm jack won't stay in place.

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Now assemble everything back and add and add some electrical tape around the body of the molded piece for the good measure.

Now this can be used to record separate track on stereo right and left channel. I'm going to be using this to record presenter with a lavaliere wireless microphone on one channel and the audience with a shotgun microphone on the other.

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