I had a bunch of CFL light bulbs laying around so I made this this DIY video light loosely following these instructions --

I used compass from the dollar store to measure circle diameter, and mark them with a sharpie.

Then cut round holes in the dish pan using really old soldering iron.

I used slightly more expensive thread-on sockets so I didn't have to mess with silicone.

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Repeat the process 4x times. The sockets are also self-wiring, so all i have to do is stick end of the wire in there.

I 3d-printed IEC 320 socket, although I'm not entriely happy with how it turned out --

The black part is the bottom mount of the socket. Printed with PETG at 0.4mm layer height.

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I also 3d Printed the following parts

Flag pole --

I'm not entirely happy with the flag pole as it is not stable as I wanted it to be. I'm making my own now.

Handle --

Handle is not made for metric screws, but since I printed it with PLA, it was really easy to convince it to accept them.

Here's the lamp in action --

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I covered up cabling with kapton tape. Cables are pretty thin but I measured power usage and it takes about 2.3 A at the socket.

I needed to add a piece of MDF at the bottom so the lamp would be more stable and not deform when mounted on the light pole.

After I re-make flag pole handle, I will deal with the wiring situation.

Here is a video I made using this lamp --

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I used these sockets --

Search term "e27 screw cap socket" will give you similar results.

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I used IEC 320 socket because I basically used all the spare 3d-printer parts for this project.

I'm not entirely happy with the socket box because it thicker than the socket clip clearance and I needed to try to 'convince' PETG to get into shape I wanted, but since it's PETG that didn't really work out.

I'm going to try to remove a few bottom layers in Prusa-Slicer later on.

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