Good morning everyone!

All my memory is bad. All 4 sticks of it!

The memory modules have lifetime warranty and before replacement arrives I'm going to try to block off bad memory from use.

I tried several articles with different memap parameters, and the following seems to work


Top shows less memory available.

MiB Mem : 31851.9

This article is about something completely different but gives examples that actually work in my case.

I tried working on the video with the boot settings above and everything seems to be fine for a while... until I tried to render a video that I've been working on in kdenlive.

After some deliberation, the computer, predictably crashed.

So I left memtest86 running overnight, and it has found more bad areas.

I left computer on in case any more bad memory turn up.

In the evening I will try these boot settings


saga continues.

After running for 20 hours memtest86 found more bad memory regions spanning from 800-ish MB to almost 3G, I've tried the following command


But it doesn't seem to blacklist the right amount of memory -- after system boots, top still shows 29GB available instead of expected 28GB.

I believe I need to move on to use BADRAM, but it would require another overnight memtest86 run as I didn't bother to take a photo of the last run in BADRAM format.

I finally got memory replacement. Now I appreciate my computer not crashing.

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