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Thought this needs an update.

I deleted my twitter and been active here for a while.

I'm mostly tinkering with 3D printers, raspberry Pi and electronics. Python programmer by day and sometimes by night too.

I'm into Debian and linux in general, and make videos for @gtalug.

I also like running and cycling.

I'm posting about my side projects but also retoot things I find interesting.

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I like Scott Galloway.

The article on Yogababble Index-- a measurement of the levels of corporate BS in mission statement, and how that compares to stock performance.

This is essential example of his writing --

I got reminded of this article from reading his latest newsletter, which is also really good.

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Also has an alternative to google password -- Lockwise.

It's an extension of firefox accounts in mobile.

I was tweaking firefox accounts when I realized has 2 factor authentication product -- Authy

Right now it doesn't have support of the software I mainly use Google Authenticator for -- gitlab and mastodon, but as soon as the support is there I'm switching.

I never felt particularly OK with using google product for such a critical thing. I trust Mozilla.

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that paper where they scraped Mastodon and found cauliflowers 

I'm still working on organizing everything I'm doing. Organizing everything using Agile seem silly, but that's what is happening.

I created priority and importance labels. Next stop -- how many points I can complete in a week, and having performance review meetings with myself. LOL.

I'm obsessed with Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm f3.5 Macro (sn 37xxx/28xxx).

Please send help.

After all the weird weather and rain we've been having lately, park ravine is flooded.

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No new hobbies, equipment, games, or books are allowed during this year. Instead, you have to find the value in what you already own or what you’ve already started.

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Goodbye downtown T&T. The supermarket is now on a race to find a new downtown location as the Cherry St. store closes at the end of January. But finding a space in Toronto proves to be challenging.

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Is there a way to see the closed-captioning of a YouTube video without having to watch the actual video? Alternatively, is there a way to convince YouTube that their business model is actively hostile to the preservation and dissemination of knowledge?

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Turns out the following works, it was theme that didn't support the tag.

.. table:: Attendance summary
:align: center

Hey lazyweb, is there a way to align table on the page?

I want a table to always be displayed in the center.

Or there's just no way and I need to implement this in CSS...

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"Most narratives about connectivity -- often pitched by Big Tech -- use slogans like: “Connecting the next billion”, “Bringing access worldwide”, “Connecting the unconnected”, and so on. Those projects are mostly one-size-fits-all. The basic difference to community networks’ approach is that we work within communities’ realities, instead of delivering top-down, ready-made solutions."

-Bruna Zanolli on community networks,

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“‘Assume good intent’ is a particularly pernicious positive expectation that will undermine your code of conduct. The implied inverse of this is that not assuming good intent is against the rules.”

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Okay, now getting the littles an air purifier is the new goal:

We have this one in our house (because cats) and this is Wirecutter's pick.

Carl's stupid company is delaying "Christmas" bonuses until March (which sends me some red flags about their cash flow but that's a whole 'nother issue) or I'd just buy them one.

In other news: tomorrow is first read-to-littles day after the holiday break. 😍

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