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Thought this needs an update.

I deleted my twitter and been active here for a while.

I'm mostly tinkering with 3D printers, raspberry Pi and electronics. Python programmer by day and sometimes by night too.

I'm into Debian and linux in general, and make videos for @gtalug.

I also like running and cycling.

I'm posting about my side projects but also retoot things I find interesting.

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I just saw a Paul Graham essay by accident and... God. Watching that guy trying to reverse-engineer the first year of a humanities degree out of the dregs of his own internal monologue is just incredibly sad.

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I accidentally enabled Google ambient and it is the worst.

It keeps the screen on when the phone is charging with no accounting of its a LED or OLED scree, while google assistant attempts to listen to everything.

This thing is really disruptive as I keep my phone in quiet mode next to my bed at night.

To disable this, go under google assistant settings (of all of the place) -> devices -> Google Assistant -> Ambient mode. Disabling assistant as a whole is also cool.

But I like how I can select a bunch of raw images and darktable quickly batch-converts everything into jpg with the default settings.

Thanks to that I only shoot raw in my camera and this made my camera work better where it really counts.

This has been my hot take.

Also darktable likes to convert file names that I use for reference everywhere to its own 'number in the collection' instead.

This is a very nice tool and I'm sure all of the things are configurable, it's just I want to edit a few images to do a particular thing instead of learning how everything in darktable works.

what is key combo to move between previous and next image, and is there a key combo to save the image directly from darkroom without switching to lightroom?

I love but the UI is not consistent with anything I know, and kind of cryptic.

There seem to be no help available within the app, F1 gives photo a 1-star rating, pressing question mark redirects to a website with no obvious help section and mashing random buttons doesn't help either.

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Over the weekend I spent way too much time watching these long-form cultural and social critique youtube channels.

This is catnip for me.

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Look at the beautiful new pin my friend got me 😍😍

For anyone having audio issues with video in I wrote the blog post on the most straightforward way of working around that.


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What are you doing for it? Reading a book, learning a language, chatting to a friend abroad? Let us know!

(And if this toot confuses you, more info available at:


Apparently I only now found out about Metronomy.

The song speaks to me and te music video is from 2011.

Yeah I feel old.

EZCAP28X HDMI capture with mic-in connection

Connected to RODE vodemicro on a hotshoe adapter to 1/4-20 screw tripod.

This contraption works -- capture device provides enough voltage for the microphone. I can use it as audience microphone/b-cam.

Two problems:

* capture device max out at 50Hz refresh rate and the screen really likes 60Hz. But for capturing desktop I don't really see a difference.

* I hear some clicks on the video, not sure where are they coming from

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#GTALUG video from our February 2017 meeting is up.

Linux and UN Refugee Agency with Evan Leibovich.

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Why do people use URL shorteners? Pretty much every app makes them clickable so it's not like you need to remember them and most social media apps concatenate them so they don't clutter up your screen. The only other use I see is for tracking and, if you need to see how many people are clicking your links, you're doing something wrong.

There is the argument for cHaRaCtEr LiMiTs but just write text at the top. You don't need a paragraph summary of an article when the title sums it up well enough. That's not a reason to use a shortener and obfuscate the destination

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here's some fresh content from catchy memes dot com

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