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I registered this account a while ago but haven't used it actively.

I'm a Python programmer and former Sysadmin in Toronto. I like tinkering with 3D printers, raspberry PI and electronics on the side.

I'm a Linux geek and participate with @gtalug.

Besides computer hobbies I like running and cycling a lot.

I'll be posting more of my side projects and hobbies here, I'll try to put other topics under cw.

I finally watched two seasons of the good place. First impressions -- the show is increadibly irritating in it's premise. Then as I kept watching, it could completely subverted the premise and is in fact very good.

Interesting national geographic short doc about re-foresting iceland after a 1000 years of deforestation.

I led a computer-generated asemic/automatic writing workshop last nightβ€”here's stuff I made to make the workshop happen:

Bezmerizing, a tiny quirky (Python) library with functions for BΓ©zier curves

this demo notebook (no actual copy yet, sorry) showing how to use the library

and a longer tutorial notebook on the specific techniques I've been playing with (using bezmerizing and flat, incl. overview of randomness in python)

From our January 2019 #GTALUG meeting. You can now watch

What is a release? With D. Hugh Redelmeier

From our January 2019 #GTALUG meeting.

Windows Subsystem for Linux with Matt Gordon

Here is another lightning talk from January 2019 #GTALUG meeting.

RHEL 8 Beta Impressions with Scott Sullivan

This is a system. Last thing I did just let kde run for a while, then removed and installed iptables.

Now everything works.


Well that's an interesting bug -- my desktop can ping but I can't connect to anything.

First of our lightning talks from our January 2019 #GTALUG meeting is now available.

Alpine Linux with Christopher Browne

RT Not mine but fun.

'Bye Bye Twitter Und Facebook': German Green Party Chief Quits Social Media

The next #GTALUG meeting is tomorrow at 7:30 PM.

Lightning Talks on Linux Distributions

y'ever think about how so many web devs' heads ended up so far up their own asses that firefox had to make a dedicated "just discard all the styling so you can actually read it" button

Discarded Christmas trees used to restore creeks and streams, protect fish in Halton


In the past two months I've stopped using the term #ClimateChange and started using #ClimateCollapse instead. No one has ever asked me what it means. While the majority of people are in denial, they all know what is going on

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