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I registered this account a while ago but haven't used it actively.

I'm a Python programmer and former Sysadmin in Toronto. I like tinkering with 3D printers, raspberry PI and electronics on the side.

I'm a Linux geek and participate with @gtalug.

Besides computer hobbies I like running and cycling a lot.

I'll be posting more of my side projects and hobbies here, I'll try to put other topics under cw.

Going to be using Firefox Send to forward files on the fly. Encrypted, control over number of downloads and the number of days to be available. 1GB without account and 2.5 GB with account. πŸ‘

Shitposting, Inspirational Terrorism, and the Christchurch Mosque Massacre Show more

Harmony Movement offered diversity, equity and inclusion training programs for 25 years, but executive director Cheuk Kwan says it's now another victim of provincial cuts.

I’m sick of playing weekly whack-a-mole with nasty trackers on popular sites. If a site is trying this hard to invade our privacy & extract our personal information, we should stop visiting them, regulate them as malware, shut them down, and fire everyone responsible into the sun.

In 9th grade I was told about the power of pyramids of sharpening razors, by a math teacher, explaining some geometry theorem.

I've always been skeptical about this, but accepted as a weird thing that happens.

Until I googled it this morning -- at it turns out this is a bunch of new age hokeyness.

A look under the hood of the next big Kdenlive release: how developers stress test the new code of KDE's advanced video editor.

#GTALUG meeting tomorrow at 7:30pm.

Chris Tyler presenting -- FPGAs for Fun, Acceleration, and Profit!

Winding down my Debian involvement by @zekjur:

This is a really detailed, excellent post on a lot of the technical challenges #Debian faces today. I'd like to be optimistic on our ability to solve them, and am sad to see you go!

The #PlasmaMobile team had their very first sprint and they ported PlaMo to new devices, improved the graphic interface, and made developing and packaging apps for the system easier and more fun. Read all about it at:

Here's something I like witnessing, socially conscious programming -- Analyzing gender bias in Harry potter books using NLTK and python.

A Bossy Sort of Voice: Uncovering gender bias in Harry Potter

Here's @GretaThunberg on her school strike! But she's all alone – @MiWuLa, might be time to add some more people fighting for the same cause! :)

If there are any processing to be done with postgres array, it has to be dumped into json first, because native format representation is essentric.

SELECT name, array_to_json(alt spelling) FROM name_aliases;

postgresql json functions help page is an interesting read by itself

Besides being horrible, I've noticed how facebook agitates all my obsessive-compulsive habits. I want it gone. But I also want to take it step-by-step.

I've tried a few bulk post delete tools. None of them worked, so I started deleting posts by hand and I've found a few from significant points of my life that I feel like preserving. I think I can edit & copy a few on my blog.

In interesting article about Iceland forests and Iron-age deforestation with some beautiful drone shots of the place.

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