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I registered this account a while ago but haven't used it actively.

I'm a Python programmer and former Sysadmin in Toronto. I like tinkering with 3D printers, raspberry PI and electronics on the side.

I'm a Linux geek and participate with @gtalug.

Besides computer hobbies I like running and cycling a lot.

I'll be posting more of my side projects and hobbies here, I'll try to put other topics under cw.

I'm thinking about buying GeForce gtx 1060 to do do a couple of exercises on machine learning. Tell me if it's a bad idea.

tensorflow-rocm *almost* worked on Ryzen 5 2400G 😞

I tried to run one of the tutorial modules -- imagenet/

This github issue shows pretty conclusively that onboard AMD graphics care are not supported by tensorflow-rocm --

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From our July lightning talks, the video of presentation Taskwarrior with Tomas Babej is now available here --

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Playing with 3D-printed fabrics. Feels really weird & funny but pleasant in the hands.

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TIL Kodak had weapons-grade radioactive material in Rochester, NY when I went to school there in 2000-2004.

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The octobass is a perfect piece of Victorian performative excess of the intersection between art and science: First designed around 1850, 11 feet tall, beautiful, can hit a C note so low it can't be heard but only felt.

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Academic textbook publishing 

I just realized I really hate the phrase '... and you're golden'.

Now that two halves are done, I glue them together. Note that the pattern is a 3d printing artifact.

One of th lamp halves curled slightly because I didn't know correct settings for brand new filament I was using. Since then I bumped temperature by 5 degrees for both bed and hotend to 65C and 225C respectively for Sigma D3D pla.

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"The result was a system so arcane that when it was called upon to do the one thing that mattered — warn “fire!” and say where — it produced instead a nearly indecipherable message. "

The fire warning system in Notre-Dame with PGP-like usability 😂

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The Verge wrote a piece about Mastodon and Gab. There’s also a paragraph in there about what I had to say about this whole thing. Give it a read if you’ve got a few minutes to spare.

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The next #GTALUG meeting is on Tuesday, August 13, 2018. We'll have lightning talks again!

If you would like to give a lightning talk at our next #GTALUG meeting please send an email with talk title to

Spoke too soon.

Spool holder got dragged by the print head, fell off the table and knocked y-axis out of alignment.

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IKEA NOT lamp shade replacement I found on thingiverse looks kind of nice when it's being printed.

My printer wasn't big enough to print the whole thing at once, so I sliced it in half. Let's hope it would fit.

Material: translucent PLA (sigma e3d)
Print settings: 0.4 mm layer height

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I'm on a train going to an art show. I refuse do do anything productive.

Here's a sky picture. It might rain soon.

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Hello vuex, what does this even mean? Some sort of esoteric javascirpt syntax or a recepe for an ancient potion.

getters: {
getN: state => () => state.n

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