I added reprap discount smart controller to my printer a while a go. It's a pretty old design, but I learned a few things about configuring marlin and working with openscad models from thingiverse.


On Sunday I've spent half a day trying to debug extruder issue because I forgot to tighten the nozzle when heater block was hot.

I just forgot about that step.

I'm recreationally designing something in OpenScad and the 2020 aluminium are just so nice to work with, I get round numbers everywhere.

I'm beginning to think that US imperial measurement system is a conspiracy by the slide ruler industry to sell more slide rullers.

Codehub.xyz is in community hub for 3d makers and aims to make community development workflow for cad to be similar to software development workflow i.e. having diffs, PR request, gitsts for 3d models.


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I'm particularly interested in:

* CadQuery (Python library for building parametric 3D CAD models) cadquery.readthedocs.io/en/lat
* SolidPython (OpenScad code generator) solidpython.readthedocs.io/en/

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This is an updated article on all of the open source parametric cad tools out there -- learn.cadhub.xyz/blog/curated-

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Three days left in Pride month. Three charities. I will match up to $1000 each. Please toot or DM me your receipts!

🌈 LGBTQ Freedom Fund lgbtqfund.org/donate-1
🌈 Gender Justice League funraise.org/give/Gender-Justi
🌈 Trans Lifeline giveoutday.org/organization/Tr

vaccine, eye contact 

Yay, I got my second shot!

Sometime I thinks that this is how product owners, project manager etc. see programming.

This is partly self-slander as I can ALSO offer opera and some Italian guys screaming operatically about… their D&D game, I think?

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I've tried running Marlin on a 16-bit board, unfortunately that didn't really work.


I also made a video a while ago of me wondering around Toronto at Nuit Blance in 2019 and looking at art.

It doesn't really fit with everything but here it is -- diode.zone/videos/watch/6cd1c5

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