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One of my favorite things about Android is how stuff like this can pop up and you don't interact with it and it goes away and you have no idea what happened, it feels very safe and respectful.

I’m watching this video on the history of guitar and I realized that for me to learn new things, I need to know how the thing’s history, how it originated, what where the improvements, etc...

Then I’m ready for theory and practice session.

So I picked a guitar I bought 12 years ago and now I try to tune it

We Will Become Silhouettes by The Postal Service is pertinent again.

I don't like that. I always thought of it as a fun "world is ending in a full on nuclear exchange" song.

birdsite ideas on improving discourse 

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Heinlein again 

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When you have 30 projects running concurrently.... you get a tray system as a matter of survival. I work directly from the trays, moving them to/from my workbench. No cleanup needed to swap projects - just swap trays. #leanmanufacturing #engineer


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Anyone interesting in cycling and systematic safety should watch this video about the principles behind Vision Zero in the Netherlands. (BTW Which isn't to say that cycling in the Netherlands is without problems).


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anyway I only opened this movie to see that shot with the 7 x'es and now i guess I watched the rest of the film

do yall do this? where you just wanna listen to a funny line or see a cool shot you remembered and then you end up watching the whole thing?

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Today Mailhog ( bailed me out for the n-teenth time.

This is just a simple project that acts as a mail server and displays all the mail it catches. 'advance' config let you catch and release the mail.

A simple idea but incredibly effective at catching dumb errors line sending out emails from test database to live users. Which I have done.... more than once.

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Malaso escarpment along the Great Rift Valley in Samburu county.

Photo by Neil Thomas.

So I bought an iPhone SE after I shattered screen on my OnePlus 3 again. I've been using it for a few weeks.

Android has KDE Connect, but its being broken with *every* *single* *update*. Whereas closed and proprietary iPhone just lets me download photos over PTP.

I thought by using android I'd be closer to idea of having general-purpose computer in my pocket. In reality this isn't what is happening, and as far as *the thing that lets me take photos and make notes* iPhone is better.

I'm talking about this piece --

Pls Don't read, it's bad.

I thought it would be about internals of fox news, but instead it's about privileged conservative white people whining about being misunderstood, and I keep seeking articles like that for the past months or so, and all of it is just pathetic, and boring and doesn't provide any insight at all.

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I started reading The Atlantic around 2016 because they seem to find either upside or normalcy among everyone's gloom. Now I can't opinion pieces any more as it just appears to be really boring conservative whining.

Maybe they've always been right-of-center, and maybe in 2016 their opinions helped to make sense of what is happening, but now it looks like the world just went past them.

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Laura recorded a short video on accessibility yesterday.

The setup / the shot.

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