We're excited to share our brand new GNOME Developer website! The site includes helpful components, tools, docs, and tutorials along with a new version of our Human Interface Guidelines. Check it out: developer.gnome.org/

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This was a real scummy thing for Nintendo to do (even though they have done worse in the past). Nintendo Switch users need to read this.

Hi all, Geary is looking for a co-maintainer!

@mjog doesn't have enough time to to do it all by themselves any more, and so is looking for a hand in taking care of day-to-day tasks such as bug triaging and fixing, and working on improving the front-end side of the app in particular.

If you're interested, take a look at the issue tracker, and pitch on in!

If you have any questions, please thread them below or get in touch with @mjog 👇


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Idea for a video tutorial (or blogpost): Setting up a new app from a Builder template, and submitting it to Flathub.

Some of the things that would be cool to cover:
- all the various places the app name and version number go
- appdata descriptions and screenshots
- making releases: git tags, release notes, etc.
- Managing two separate flatpak manifests
- Github submission flow
- Flathub builds dashboard

Everyone is debating about the "TOOT !" but in French we say ✨POUET !✨ and I think this is beautiful

How do you prefer scrolling to work on a laptop? Comment with details/why, and please boost for reach!

Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

I'm new to but this is so fun to code with it and !

I'm currently testing how threads work

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of MauiKit and Maui Apps 1.1.0!.

"The 1.1.0 version brings updates, new features, bug fixes, and an improved cross-platform and convergent experience from the framework to the apps. For this first full release, the packages are distributed directly from the MauiKit official webpage."


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Can you code in #python? Maybe even know #pyqt5?
If so, we would really like your help converting our Manjaro ARM Installer #bash script into a working GUI installer using pyqt5.

It should be able to do what the bash script does, just with a nice GUI, so it would be even easier to install #ManjaroARM.

Please DM us.

GNOME-Shell Hackfest 2019 is taking place in in Leidschendam, the Netherlands, with attendants from multiple parties.

Read Carlos Garnacho's blog post about the first day.


Quelqu'un peut m'expliquer la différence entre un transistor bipolaire saturé et passant ?


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