Hi! I don't use this account much any more.

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Hi, bunch of new followers, I mostly use @artsyhonker these days. Thanks!

food safety question 

Having one of those days where someone turned the gravity up. So far have managed to spill chilli, rice, soured cream, egg (raw).

Switching to @artsyhonker but today is also my batch cooking day so I may be kindof slowwww about it.

Morning, . I like the look of ora.network a lot: it's very close to an idea I had a few years ago but never got around to doing anything about.

I'm not new to the fediverse, but here's an #introduction focusing on just one project:

Ora.Network aims to create a global digital #skillsharing network based on the principles of time banking, #libre software, and the #commons. A #mutualcredit currency where 1 ora is added to your balance for every hour you contribute to a qualified libre/commons project. You can then transfer your ora to someone else in exchange for their help working on your own (non-qualified) project.

Right, I know it's out of season, but favourite public domain hymn texts for Pentecost, anyone?

Also I totally crocheted this hat from cruelty-free Muppet yarn, from when the Muppets are shorn in the springtime.

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Just told two children that my hair is like this because I ate too many blueberries. It's important to teach them young about what kinds of things are probable, right.

So, here I am, in The Furniture Shop That Also Sells Meatballs, trying not to cry and looking for connection online.

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Just remembered a hard thing from my childhood, and now I feel small and sad.

(NB I know that at the moment the internet still works where I am; I want to prepare for the case where it doesn't.)

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Current ideas include printing it out and sending it to people via snail mail, but of course I probably need the internet to find their addresses.

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A big part of why I put my sheet music online for free is that I want it to be available to smaller, amateur choirs that don't have big sheet music budgets. Without I'm not sure how to do that, particularly for "non-technical" users. Ideas?

Right, that's as much as I'm going to manage tonight. Tomorrow I proofread!

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