This week has been about logic inside databases, a unified interface for querying different databases and file formats, mailing list style PR code reviews, intercepting risky shell commands, a SQLite extension to reduce database size and WebAssembly in Confidential Computing.

This week has been about JSON-LD framing, Adaptive Radix Trees in DuckDB, SQLite storage, stacked-diff workflows with GitHub, safe SVGs and Livebook Desktop.

This week has been about small Pull Requests, the Carbon programming language, a light markup inspired in Commonmark, a terminal file explorer, a crate for Neovim API and SQLite virtual tables in Rust.

This week has been about a no-code spreadsheet-y database, a distributed time series database, a tool to transform JSON to tabular relational formats, a tool to overlay a local environment with a cloud one, a service for browser devtool features and a DNS server with creative liberties.

This week has been about abusing PDF XML Forms, a new JavaScript runtime in Zig, a paper on organising digital files, a Deno full stack web framework, a SQLite extension for Excel and a batteries-included backend.

This week has been about how relational databases work, exploiting serverless computing at the edge, Git's new file system monitoring, an embeddable ebook reader application, a tool to find broken links in text sources and the erotics of infographics.

This week has been about SVG filters, an embeddable scripting engine, better Neovim folds, Markdown-like timeline diagrams, race conditions in React.js and the Open Metaverse initiative.

This week has been about Gemini, a game on SQL, writing a Lua virtual machine, a tool to run offline web applications, a tutorial on pixel art and a memo on better UUIDs.

This week has been about a tag-based file system, the Starlark configuration language, a React.js hook-based state-management solution, a talk on the Block Protocol, a service for placeholder images and a paper on exploiting techniques using images.

This week has been about 3D icons, testing colour combinations, Rust types, SVG grids, a JavaScript build tool and a React motion library.

This week has been about diffs in neovim, a file manager in Tauri, memory leaks in Rust, open telemetry, web accessibility of CSS units and product teams' differences.

This week has been about the Codenames boardgame, an ISO8601 comparison, the colour violet, SQLite extensions in Rust, Youtube's database and a book on Open Source.

This week has been about Cloudflare's edge database, SQLite as a persistence layer, a UI agnostic drag and drop library, a vector similarity search engine, a markdown-based toolchain and an interactive in-browser notebook.

This week has been about database identifiers, uncertainty in project management, a tool to run SQL on CSV, Python and WebAssembly, Datasette lite and CSS layers.

This week has been about code interviews, an embedded key-value store, TypeScript state machines, TypeScript spreadsheets, WebAssembly and a command-line tool for search and analytics.

This week has been about a TPC tunnel tool, a painting tool, OpenAI, HTML images, SQL query analysis and the Chromium architecture.

This week has been about CI/CD security, Deno on edge static websites, procedural Chinese-like landscapes, a syntax-based diff tool, a technical publishing system and CSS layout modes.

This week has been about Flow typing, CRDTs, Dagger and CUE, Monte Carlo forecasting, Clojure and using the relational model in UNIX-like pipes.

This week has been about JSON in SQLite, SQLite with Litestream, a code editor written in Rust, a typed dialect of Lua, RDF shape trees and distributed knowledge APIs.

This week has been about robust Bash scripts, a meta configuration language, quirks of React.js hooks, a language to create music, a rules engine in Clojure and a tool to learn about passwords.

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