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Why aren't mfa keys a bigger thing. I wanna be able to just do a lil boop on the yubi and be like bam, done. None of this insecure phone number or email bullshit
There's only one site I use regularly that allows me to do the lil yubikey boop and that's a tragedy tbh

I'm quite happy that Amanahu, by Mulle Beats is back on !

It was missing from the top of my "Chill" playlist for so long...

Ascendance of a Bookworm P4V8 Part 2 

I can't wait to see what the results for the Conference is going to be. The duchy is very well positioned and I can only hope it'll all result in more work for everyone!

Though, as much as there were many good things, there is still the sadness of the family Rozemyne will never get to meet punctuating it all.

Alas... If only I didn't fear she will end up farther away from them than she already is.

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I am still not entirely sure how I feel about reading Ascendance of a Bookworm part by part on a weekly release schedule.

On the one hand, it certainly makes me slow down. On the other, I want to know!

Starting a new notebook today. It should serve nicely for writing down stories!

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Good morning, wonderful people! Here's your #CC0 #ArtReference image for today.

I had a thought (dangerous, I know) - but there's no reason these can't be #CreativeWriting prompts too! :O

Recreate this lovely photo in your own style, sketch it for practice, write a toot-length #FlashFiction , or just be inspired by it :bowie_stardust:



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RT @aaReese
My first focaccia! Made it to celebrate the much-welcomed coming of spring 💐 ❤️🌷

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@iconography my wife sent me this yesterday and I don't even know how it's possible but I *know* that somehow it's your fault

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(~) Meta on Abuse 

Reminder that you, yes YOU can be abusive even if you aren't a Bad Person

We tend to think of abuse as something that only bad people do, but the truth is often more subtle than that. Abuse as a constant pattern indicates a bad person but we are imperfect beings.

Be sure that when you and someone else face a hard situation together that you aren't straying into DARVO territory, for example. Don't let yourself become someone else's abuser.

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All my personal projects, on which I'm the only developer and user, have at least two stakeholders: me today, and me in the future.

Me today and me in the future tend to not get along, and both tend to consider the other one a bit of a jerk. To keep things peaceful, the two have agreed to work on communication and to try to document things, meaning me today will write stuff down, and me tomorrow will try to read it before getting angry.

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Being reminded that we don't always have to be on top.

We don't have to be functional.

Sometimes we need to withdraw, for unknown reasons and time.
There's no rhyme or reason. It's just what you need right now.

This is a reminder for anyone who needs to hear it, but especially myself. ❤️

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hot take: things that you say on masto matter and the people on masto are real people and the internet can have an important impact on your irl life

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wish gathering as much info as possible about a bug before reporting it was considered common sense by more people
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Internet rule of thumb: if it's not about you then don't make it about you

If someone says "I don't like it when X people do Y" or something to that effect, you don't have to respond with "well I'm X and I don't do Y so I'm offended that you're painting me with this broad brush"


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