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@TheKinrar Is there a way I can successfully export my data. It has been a half day and still attempting only 100mb export.

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Universal Basic #Internet? Yes, I think this IS something we need, especially now more than ever.

Will the higher-ups go for it? Of course not since it doesn't benefit their bottom line.

Sad, really.

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@archer72 Better try LibreELEC also because OpenELEC development has stalled.

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1970: Everything is a file

2020: Everything is JavaScript

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audio resizing! still needs a bit of work for undo/redo, but #works(onmymachine)!

#Zrythm #DAW

hpr3072 :: The joy of pip-tools and pyenv-virtualenv How to manage your dependencies and environment isolation when developing in Python

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@ParadeGrotesque I found it by accident when looking up Slackware for ARM. It's on their page. @klaatu @archer72

In search of library software for . Not Calibre, something with less dependencies.

I thought I would try OpenElec for
instead of OSMC ( Open source media center), to see if the wifi is more stable. The security policy of root by default
is a bit concerning.

Set up my retired Galaxy Grand Prime for the missus, as a replacement for .

Armed with and a little script, showed her it could download Youtube playlist and convert them to mp3 in one go, and makes sure it is in her music directory. Also have X-plore file manager to organize to her hearts content.

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Uploaded! It will be at… .

The joy of pip-tools and pyenv-virtualenv

How to manage your dependencies and environment isolation when developing in Python
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I'm concerned about long term consumer data storage options.

Hard drives are dying a slow death - manufacturers have been shutting down HDD factories for years now and the trend is continuing. Once they are gone we will have to switch to SSD.

But SSD cannot be trusted to keep data long term - they slowly lose data unless the cells are refreshed every now and then. You can't put one in a drawer and forget about it for 5 to 10 years without risking data loss.

Cloud storage cannot be trusted long term - accounts close, terms change, things happen. It's someone else's computer.

Optical media and consumer tape drives are pretty much dead.

What's left? I guess I should start printing my photos instead.

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Up at 3am setting up mutt in .

Had to fix some files because vim copy/paste is a little touchy. This is my only reason to touch nano.

Wireguard is now built into the kernel, and available on multiple platforms. There are even instructions for

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This is my test blog using Bashblog on a Scaleway server.

I will have to get a domain name if I plan to post more.

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