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The computers on the Voyager probes have over 40 years of uptime, and have been patched at distances measured in light-hours. How?

Reliability, redundancy, reconfigurability.

Radiation-hardened parts, cross-connectible backups, all memory is RAM.

They've patched 'em to have better data compression and more efficient forward error correction as distance resulted in reduced bandwidth.

Can cache data when there's no signal. Have turned off instruments to save power.


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I forgot to say, the company I was at before closed it's doors on August 30. It was in that location for 15+ years, then was bought by an investment company several years ago. I was only there for 6 years. Miss a bunch of good people there.

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Despite a persistent legend, the Chromium web browser is strongly tight with many Google services, and thus is *NOT* ungoogled.
In /e/OS we are using a fully ungoogled Chromium web browser.
On Linux, Mac and Windows, you can use "ungoogled- chromium":

Made it to work. Let's see what today holds.

Stayed home sick today, but still have things to do. Can't remember why I put Korora (derivative of Fedora) on my wife's laptop, but today it need a repartition and install of Fedora 30 proper.


Rehash regenerates the system's cached info about what's contained in the system PATH

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I've resolved myself to stop saying "I can't do that" and start reframing that as "I can't do that, yet".

I might never do the thing, but I'll be damned if I'm going to keep shooting myself down just because I wasn't born like Goddess Athena: fully formed, armored, and ready to kick some ass.

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I cannot recommend enough that everyone educates his/her-self as to what each website is loading by using addons such as µMatrix.

It's delirious how the web can seem broken when you have an app that by default authorizes exclusively 1rst party elements and *you* have to setup every other rule yourself.

At least you take the time to look at where things come from and *you* choose what you authorize or not to load in your browser

honkeymagoo: So there still isn't an obituary, but Randy Hall 5150's fraternity brother came on to the lugcast recording a little while ago and gave us a link to a tribute that another one of his fraternity brother wrote

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Hi all. We're currently experiencing issues with our search results, in particular image search.

Thank you for your patience while we try to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Original tweet :

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TinyGo Brings Go To Arduino

Go — a modern programming language with roots at Google — is one of the new generation languages that would like to unseat C (and C++) for what we think of as traditional programming. It is only for PCs, though, right? Not so…

Original tweet :

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“Over 2,000 years ago Aristotle dreamt of a self-weaving loom that would end slavery and exploitation. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the Luddites broke weaving machines in protest against the domination and destitution that came with the new contraptions, only to be unfairly remembered as opponents of progress. Today, in our own optimistic reveries about labor-saving devices, we too often forget to ask: who owns the looms?“

—Astra Taylor (The Automation Charade)

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Richard Stallman da una charla sobre Software Libre y privacidad en el cuartel general de Microsoft.

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According to the Clear Linux survey, Firefox is overwhelming used by Linux users to Chrome.

If that is so, it must be a love-hate relationship because Firefox is buggy and slow on Linux as compared to Chrome or even Firefox on Windows. Would be nice if Mozilla invested some effort into their Linux offerings.

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If #MenAreTrash, its partly because they were raised that way.

If you want better men, raise better boys.

Men, teach your children to be better men than you were taught to be.

Women, teach your sons to be better men than the ones you settled for.

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