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I thought they were going for mass appeal, why not answer my three-paragraph question concerning the intersection of female hormones and ketosis? It’s so relatable! 😤

They didn’t answer my weird question on the latest Sawbones and I’m feeling salty

After 9 years, World of Warcraft's Worgen are getting a fresh new look

From Blizzard Watch, Wowhead, and a bunch of other sites that cover breaking video game news comes some worgen-related excitement today. Blizzard's annual gaming convention BlizzCon kicked off today with a bunch of announcements, one of which promises a fresh new look for World of Warcraft's...

#werewolf #werewolves

My selfie from last week got boosted and I'm absorbing the subsequent boosts and nice comments like a dying plant in a rain storm, thank you

The only cube I acknowledge or support is Time Cube. All other cube derivatives will be muted.

I would double my DBF Patreon pledge if it meant I could get a copy of each show with Alex’s moans and groans cut out.

I wrote 2,146 words today and my tummy hurts

*takes the Jenna Dial and turns it down a few notches*

I miss watching Awful Squad with Griffin and Simone, and Producer Pat adding insane rules and Justin playing his guitar, and Old Brian getting zapped instantly every time and then just being super funny for the next 20 minutes.

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I would go to Antarctica before I went to Hawaii or back to Europe.

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