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@tewha I’m thinking about how warm that tube would be to hold. Extremely comforting

I'm a little hurt that no one has acknowledged my transition into a bullsquid from Half-Life. I'm proud of my new authentic self and I think it's indicative of some deeply ingrained speciesism that I'm not being acknowledged for my bravery.

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@ahuster I would pay low three figures for a clean recording of him doing that

Tired: going on LimeWire
Wired: going on Usenet
Inspired: going on Hotline

@SistaWendy I probably would have, too! There are two Fluevog stores within walking distance of my office. My wide feet and the generally narrow fits of their designs are all that are keeping me from utter financial ruin.

@SistaWendy and you like Fluevogs, too! This is getting uncanny!

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@typhlosion please post about things you like, we need more good cool enthusiasm and less discourse imo

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