@claudiom Everyone you and I follow came from out there in the wider 'verse, and it just goes to show, you never know when a trusted friend or ally might spring the dreaded Clown Meat on you!

I aspire to the kind of serenity Uncle Rico exhibits when he's thinking about floating, weightless, surrounded by tiny seahorses

Careful, friends... it's dangerous out there in the Fediverse!

@jdlwerewolf I like Foundation a lot, and not just because the project mascot looks like me before I transitioned

@jdlwerewolf I have two new sites in the works and I'm just going with Wordpress on both, one with a Foundation-based theme, and one with a Tachyons-based theme. Both are good at mobile, although I'd probably recommend Foundation for folks who want to get things functional fast and tinker with lush design stuff at leisure. I love Tachyons, but it really lends itself to a Brutalist look, e.g. argylewerewolf.com/

Sylvester likes to attack spots on walls, so my wife put a rare earth magnet on a stud.

@jdlwerewolf after hearing them hyped on countless podcasts I gave them a try, and I lasted half a day. Execrable.

πŸ—£ Though it can be frustrating at times, helping people is nice and rewarding!

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@brogepi Jake let this one go – otherwise you're gonna make me type something like "Coach Pee"

@brogepi when you have three groups of 140 cows in a pasture: 420 graze it

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