I just wanna take a second to say that all the transwomen in the fediverse gorgeous and powerful and y’all make me feel like I could be too

Any podcast awards show that doesn't include at least one McElroy show is a sham iheart.com/podcast-awards/

@drewcassidy like, my first computer was an LC475 with an 80MB drive, and now I'm turning my nose up at a thumb-sized gadget with over 50 times the capacity.

@drewcassidy I found some 4GB drives in a box at home recently, and it felt weird to react in the same way I would if I'd found a dime under a cushion – a pleasant surprise, but too small to do anything with

Hey did you know that "Ask The Werewolves" by @jdlwerewolf is really fucking good? ask-the-werewolves.tumblr.com/

I'm on his Patreon and the advance pages he treats us to are a highlight of my morning – just like a factory-made cheesecake, but better! patreon.com/jdlaclede/

Guess who submitted a werewolf question in response to Travis's "spooky " request

@jk someone's on the phone for you – something about a "Man Booker Prize"?

@AzureHusky I’m sorry that happened. It comports with what @jdlwerewolf was saying yesterday, about people feeling like anything less than full access to you at all times is an aggression against them. That mindset bothers me so much, especially when it results in something like this.

My friend didn’t vote in the municipal election today and I’m so mad at him. Don’t whine to me about property taxes or potholes for the next 1,094 days, bitch

It's been a few weeks and I'm still thinking about Jonah Hill's character in "Maniac", Owen Milgrim. Every time he has a scene outside of a treatment, I found myself feeling "that's me", even though we have almost nothing in common on the surface.

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