Careful, friends... it's dangerous out there in the Fediverse!

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Pretty rotten of Kotaku to tell readers that my whole identity is "non-canonical"

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I saw @AzureHusky at the mall today. She was in some kind of hyperbaric oxygen tent - maybe as part of her convalescence? - so I didn’t bug her, but it was so nice to see her out and about!

Waiting in the Bellingham Social Security Administration Office during my fourth attempt at applying for a social security number. The only thing keeping me from madness is watching Tandye draw Greta the Gremlin next to me

I'm a little hurt that no one has acknowledged my transition into a bullsquid from Half-Life. I'm proud of my new authentic self and I think it's indicative of some deeply ingrained speciesism that I'm not being acknowledged for my bravery.

‪Argyle Werewolf blog post: Efforts‬

‪A solo project like writing a novel or training for a race takes a lot of time and effort from multiple people, and I am coming to understand that the results of those efforts ought to benefit those people too.‬


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