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Until I saw this photo I thought speed dating was a terrible idea.

Race Report: 2018 Granville Island Turkey Trot 10KM

A recap of my return to the scene of my 10KM PR race, the Granville Island Turkey Trot. This year I didn't set any PRs, but I did have fun, and pie.

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Here are my legs and my laptop from when I was on the train earlier today. I wish I had more room for stickers!

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I guess if you’re going to build a giant tank of crude oil and then use it to move shitty poison sludge around some of the most pristine unspoiled coastlines in the world, you gotta lean on a fun name for some positive branding.

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I forgot what custom text I asked them to put on my bib. Angela from back in May: thank you for the chuckle.

Come visit the Monster Cafe table at the Vancouver Halloween Expo! Open until 7pm today. I am behind it, and my wife’s extremely good art and crafts are all OVER it!

I'm not ready to spook up my profile just yet, but here's a drawing of me turning into a werewolf, by @JoeAconite

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