werewolf tf 

The full moon and the creatures of the woods are silent witnesses to the unholy metamorphosis that wracks my body. Muscle and bone twist beneath my pale skin as sweat-damp grey fur sprouts and spreads. Yellow claws slash through soil. I writhe as my limbs, ears, and face lengthen, warping into forms both animal and yet uncannily, cruelly human. My blood's tempo slows. Muscles, trembling, vital, return to my control. I rise, shake my shaggy head, part my eager jaws, and utter:


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werewolf tf 

@aquinton Thank you for this perfect toot.

werewolf tf 

@Fringecrow I appreciate that YOU appreciate my craft! :D

werewolf tf 

@aquinton Thank you ^_^
I certainly always enjoyed it! :D

(I still recall the werewolf librarian story ^^ )

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