The things I subject myself to in order to listen to John Siracusa talk about anything at all. Every other person on this episode is pure mayonnaise.

@aquinton I was wondering earlier if mayonnaise was compliment or not. I have a coworker who orders extra mayo on everything (and another coworker who describes a third party as using "more mayonnaise than the law allows").

Personally, I'm usually a no mayo person.

@tewha I'm a no-mayo person. I find it bland, lacking a discernible taste, contributing nothing to the overall experience while just making everything sort of sloppy.

@aquinton Yup. The only way I'll eat it is if it's the only way to add some moisture to a dry sandwich. But there are usually better ways (like fresh tomatoes).

@aquinton surprisingly bland shit becomes tolerable with a dash of Siracusa or Merlin.

@gb Yes! Either one can really improve a situation. I do wish Siracusa was on more shows where he's paired with just one other host. Give that tall boy some room to talk and just let 'im go for an hour or three, and I'll be there with the monthly donation!

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