Final minutes of the garage sale. Someone come buy my handmade Breaking Bad “pizza on the roof” costume.

Achewood was very important to me but I'm a little bummed about Chris Onstad drawing the exact same picture of Roast Beef in a helmet over and over and charging $225 a pop

I spent my lunch break making a video of the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 drowning cue, bass-boosted. It's messed up how a little project like this could be so fun and so anxiety-inducing at the same time. Thanks to @brogepi for the idea.

need a distraction so: boost this & i'll handwrite one of your toots.

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dasharez0ne is chicken soup for the defeated queer soul

9 minutes per mile in the rain in this particular place is the best way in the world for me to figure things out

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Here's my Podstand profile! I listen to fewer podcasts than I thought I did.

you put some good toots on my timeline overnight, friends. thank you

You ever hear a podcast so annoying that it ruins the word it's named after? Anyway, I can't use the word "bubble" anymore

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