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Hi! I'm Angela, a 37-year-old who's into endurance , , and spooky/funny fiction. I live near . I'm a who married the perfect woman 13 years ago. By day I'm a dev & I love pivoting what I've learned there into weird programmatic art projects. I edit the collaborative WEREWOLVES VERSUS anthology and run I love that good good content and despise cilantro. This has been my !

I aspire to the kind of serenity Uncle Rico exhibits when he's thinking about floating, weightless, surrounded by tiny seahorses

Careful, friends... it's dangerous out there in the Fediverse!

Sylvester likes to attack spots on walls, so my wife put a rare earth magnet on a stud.

πŸ—£ Though it can be frustrating at times, helping people is nice and rewarding!

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Well, @SOLARDOG got the best posts online today – the rest of us can take the day off

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@alana both your display name and your Mastodon url are

🎢🎹simply exquisite 🎹🎡

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running, fitness, pain 

running, fitness, pain 

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