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Hi! I'm Angela, a 37-year-old who's into endurance , , and spooky/funny fiction. I live near . I'm a who married the perfect woman 13 years ago. By day I'm a dev & I love pivoting what I've learned there into weird programmatic art projects. I edit the collaborative WEREWOLVES VERSUS anthology and run I love that good good content and despise cilantro. This has been my !

I aspire to the kind of serenity Uncle Rico exhibits when he's thinking about floating, weightless, surrounded by tiny seahorses

Careful, friends... it's dangerous out there in the Fediverse!

Sylvester likes to attack spots on walls, so my wife put a rare earth magnet on a stud.

๐Ÿ—ฃ Though it can be frustrating at times, helping people is nice and rewarding!

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Going for a 12km run in the frosty sunlit woods at lunch and then refusing to change out of my running clothes back at the office because I look a little like the picture on my shirt... to own the libs

Well, @SOLARDOG got the best posts online today โ€“ the rest of us can take the day off

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My day got so much better when I got home. Good dinner, good vibes, great partner. Thanks everyone who said nice things to me today โ€“ I really appreciate it.

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Better to be a helpful friendly invisible intangible presence, occupying no space, warranting no remark and no thought

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I had plans to go to Sephora and use this gift card on some lip scrub, and talk to someone about booking my complementary makeover session, but right now the idea of being seen โ€“ or interacting at all with anyone โ€“ is too much

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having an abnormal one today, wow

@alana both your display name and your Mastodon url are

๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽนsimply exquisite ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽต

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I ran 33km / 20.5 miles today; you better fucking believe I'm going back for that second coconut bar

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C.S. Lewis, from The Problem of Pain: "I may trust my own feeling, a slight aching in the legs as we climb into bed after a good dayโ€™s walking is, in fact, pleasurable."

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The pain doesn't feel like a warning, it feels like accumulated fatigue that each rest day doesn't quite resolve. Running through it feels both possible and, weirdly, exhilarating. Slowly the threshold for the effort that causes that pain is rising. Eventually it'll take increased pace over longer distance to get this sore.

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I'm 6 weeks into a 22-week training plan. My body has never been in this much low-grade pain, and yet it also feels like a well-functioning machine that is gradually but perceptibly improving in efficiency.

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The conversation these two have in the after show is spectacular, though. Iโ€™d love more like this, especially from Alex!

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