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I must say that the latest version of from is amazing. My FP2's battery used to run 10 hours. Now it's 36. They also fixes deep UX issues related to the confusion between scopes, apps and the app tray. I'm really impressed, wasn't expecting that one!

Cliqz, le moteur de recherche (et navigateur) allemand dans lequel avait investi Mozilla achevé par la crise du #coronavirus. L'extension Ghostery qu'il avait rachetée continue. Le manque d'ambition de l'Europe blâmée. /@TechCrunch #news

I didn't know there was a 𓃢 unicode character. Now that's a nice finding!

Intelligent people have a hard time to understand that true power is dumbness. If you are dumb, dumber can still understand you and like you. Less dumb will like you too and adapt.

From grad school to world politics, intelligent people look like pricks. Always.

Very good read about Zoom :

TL;DR: It's worse than your worst nightmare. If you refuse to use something for valid reason, you are a prick. If you can't use a proper solution for lack of education, everybody else will adapt.

ping ,

The ProtonMail Bridge app is now open source! It has also passed an independent security audit. You can find the full details and links to the code and audit report here.

#SailfishOS 3.3.0 Rokua Release to Early Access Subscribers

#Jolla released an impressive update which includes a long list of new features and improvements. Several features were developed in collaboration with the Sailfish OS community and Jolla's partners.

Full release notes:

Detailed changelog:

It's recommended to follow the update instructions provided by Jolla in order to successfully install the Early Access release.

« Les mots sont importants

C’est une pandémie
pas une guerre

Nous sommes des citadins
pas de petits soldats

Nous sommes bien informés
pas obéissants

Nous sommes solidaires
la patrie n’a rien à voir avec ça »

Dishonored, le jeu de rôle, est sorti avant-hier. Après une première lecture digne d'un affamé, voici un compte-rendu de ma découverte.

As the COVID-19 outbreak forces most companies to collaborate remotely, more people are turning to tools like Zoom. If you’re using Zoom, you may want to be aware of these concerning privacy practices.

Hello, pour information on est en train de monter un service de télétravail avec Nextcloud, Jitsi et Etherpad à destination des écoles et entreprises de Suisse romande avec du support.

Si ça intéresse des personnes faites-moi signe. 😉

Il y a dix ans aujourd'hui sortait le 1er Firefox mobile... sur Nokia Maemo. Retrouvez le billet d'annonce sur le blog de Mozilla et quelques photos souvenirs

Wow, Apple Maps is actually quite a failure when it comes to business management. During the registration process, you're asked to provide a phone number for verification purpose, but they don't bother telling you that it's gonna be publicly visible for all to see, without option to make it private again.

One day after, the business phone is now bursting with spam calls and unwanted ads. Thank you Apple. Get some real pros to help with Maps, you really need it!

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