Celle là, je me la met de coté, parce que je crois qu'elle va pouvoir resservir de temps en temps :

Pantha came home to be dried for the third time on this still rainy #caturday

Nous y voilà : trois ans après le début de notre campagne de Coriolis, nous avons bouclé "l'Émissaire Perdu". Vous pouvez trouver mon compte-rendu complet ci-dessous.


Here we are: three years into our Coriolis campaign, we have finally completed "The Emissary Lost" (the first part of "Mercy of the Icons"). You can find my full report below, although it's in French (prepare your DeepL).


#RPGaDAY2022 Tag 30:

Was sollte #RPGaDAY für seinen 10ten Geburtstag nächstes Jahr tun?

Nichts total außergewöhnliches - vielleicht eine Abstimmung über die "Best of" der bisherigen Prompts/Fragen und dann diese wiederholen statt neue zu stellen? (oder als zusätzlichen Satz, evtl. in einem zusätzlichen Zeitraum?)


#RPGaDAY2022 day 30:

What should #RPGaDAY do for it's 10th anniversary next year?

Nothing too special I guess - perhaps have a vote for the "best of 10 years" prompts and questions and repeat them instead of new ones? (or use them as an additional set, possibly in an additional period)


Day 31: When did you first take part in RPGaDAY?

Well that's easy, the very first year on Twitter. It's been a nice sharing moment for years, until I lost track of the questions around 2015 (that arguably became weirder and weirder as years went by, probably in an attempt to renew the exercise). Still, I'm glad to have participated this year, and thanks for all of you who did the same: it's cool to read about your games, and to feel that the "community" is alive.

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… build branching questions? Some participants had no character to speak about this year. They could have used an alternative "path" of questions for GM-only.

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Day 30: What should RPGaDay do for its 10th Anniversary next year?

Perhaps find a way to gather all - or a lot of - the inputs of the participants and display them on a nice, clean website somehow. Build some bridges between people spread across platforms. Obviously, this would be no small tasks, since most of these platforms are black-boxed (I betcha some people tried to use Discord for that).

Otherwise, …

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#RPGaDAY2022 day 29:

Who would you like to see take part in #RPGaDAY?


Joking aside - I find it quite insightful and it would be nice if many more RPers would share their opinions.
Especially those that don't communicate much about the hobby online already. Particularly also the non-GMs .

And - of course - many more in the fediverse instead of oncommercial platforms.


Day 29: Who would you like to see take part in RPGaDay?

Well my group, basically. Having them react outside of black boxes (Discord, Facebook) isn't easy usually, however, and this might simply not be their things.

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Day 28: Favorite cover art.

I thought that answering this question would be hard as hell, with so many beautiful artworks around. And then I remembered this…

I mean, the Turquoise and grey-blue mixed with golden yellow, the composition, the energy… everything is amazing in "Cats : La Mascarade"'s cover. Black Book Editions sure did a great job on this one.

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As for Kilbron, the good knight started as "barely a squire" to "full-pledged heroic knight flying on his winged poney". From a psychological perspective, he mostly stood true to his ideals, although a particulier event where he spared the life of ruffians showed him that pity and good intentions do not always lead to greater good. In this regard, he might perhaps forgive less easily than before. Once again, too bad that the system doesn't care about the drives of the PCs...

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Day 27: How has the character changed?

Beside having a pretty rough time with the locals and monsters around Ubersreik, Elmea didn't change that much. Actually, everything she went through kinda confirmed her prejudices against society. She became a priestess of Rhya proper and managed to gather enough money to restore the fields of her hamlet. She also affirmed her personality and learnt the basics of medicine.

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Aujourd'hui sur Blog à part – « Game Wizards », de Jon Peterson

Décidément, on aura beaucoup parlé jeu de rôle sur le blog, cette semaine. Aujourd’hui, c’est Game Wizards, le dernier ouvrage de Jon Peterson.

#DnD #jeuderôle #jdr #histoire


... he had the chance to receive a knightly education as a reward for his mother's prowess in defending their town, and is willing to give back through heroic deeds and an honorable conduct. He vowed to train a charitable knightly order, but currently lack the charisma to develop it (D&D rules kinda suck for character's development).

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Day 26: Why does your character do what they do?

Elmea wanted to find the necessary funds to restore the fields of her hamlet, and thus went to the city of Ubersreik in desperation. She found only misery and duplicity there, as explained in our adventure logs, but eventually gathered the 10 necessary crowns. On the long run, she hopes for nothing more than a family and a peaceful life in her rural community, but Rhya knows that this life isn't meant to be.

As for Kilbron, ...

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Day 25: Where has that character been?

Elmea's been visiting the city of Ubersreik for quite some time now, mostly the lowest parts of the city, as suited for Warhammer's characters. She and the other PCs have also wandered around the countryside - murky swamps and plains alike.

Kilbron has visited a lot of what Osgild can afford, starting with his home village of Clairval, to civilized cities, high peaks, and deep forests. He was even admitted within an elven capital!

@LeTom Demain dans les journaux de DystopWorld : « Et soudainement, The One Ring change à nouveau de mains pour aller chez… Edge… parce qu’Asmodée… parce qu’Embracer ». :amazing:

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