Day 28: Favorite cover art.

I thought that answering this question would be hard as hell, with so many beautiful artworks around. And then I remembered this…

I mean, the Turquoise and grey-blue mixed with golden yellow, the composition, the energy… everything is amazing in "Cats : La Mascarade"'s cover. Black Book Editions sure did a great job on this one.

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Finally managed to get a “dead tree” version of . Honestly, I did not understand why the book was so rare and expensive, as I was expecting a small format (the text size is large enough), but I received instead a full-sized hardcover book of 400 pages. Gotta understand the price! Iy might have been more relevant to aim for a smaller format, honestly.

Lester Marcie, my bard character from Ryuutama . From an ArtBreeder-generated portrait to an Oil Painting on Canvas, using Cobra water-mixable oil colours.

Dishonored () has arrived faster than expected! Eager to test it out after a positive reading of the PDF, few months ago.

Vérité-dans-l’Action, un Shaaniste Feling fan de Jean-Claude Vandamme dans Shaan : Renaissance.

Sans Détour's swan song finally arrived today : behold the French edition of "Masks of Nyarlathotep" and its twin campaign, "Day of the Beast", aka "The Fungi from Yuggoth". Not sure I'll play any of these, though: it's more a collector thing.

"Mon Dieu ! Cthulhu" ? C'est comme "Achtung ! Cthulhu" dans la France napoléonnienne ? Y'a des suppléments de contexte ou c'est juste des scénarios ?


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