Dishonored () has arrived faster than expected! Eager to test it out after a positive reading of the PDF, few months ago.

Pendant qu’en France, l’application du gouvernement semble provoquer des remous, en Suisse, les politiciens notoirement incultes sur la technologie envisagent déjà du chantage économique pour imposer leur app . Et on se moquait des dérives singapouriennes...

The new Shantae, temporarily exclusive to the iOS Arcade stuff. Wonder if you can actually play without a controller...

OK Rôliste TV, c'est parti...

1. D100 sans hésitation. On est habitués à utiliser des probabilités sur 100, c'est plus logique. Pour moins d'aléatoire, autant partir sur du 6 ou du 10, mais certainement pas 20.

Vérité-dans-l’Action, un Shaaniste Feling fan de Jean-Claude Vandamme dans Shaan : Renaissance.

Sans Détour's swan song finally arrived today : behold the French edition of "Masks of Nyarlathotep" and its twin campaign, "Day of the Beast", aka "The Fungi from Yuggoth". Not sure I'll play any of these, though: it's more a collector thing.

Another Moment’s lenses showcase. Photos taken with an iPhone X, through the Moment app, modified with the Polarr app. While I’m a bit disappointed by some limitations of the iPhone second native lens, the overall result is satisfactory. Should definitely improve my travel’s pictures when I don’t feel like taking the big camera and all the heavy lenses along.

Today, I could give a try to Moment’s Anamorphic and Macro lenses on iPhone X. Software-wise, I’ve been using Moment (shooting) + Darkrable (editing) apps. Seems like a decent auxiliary camera when you don’t want to take your 3kg Reflex camera and lenses along with you!

Boulet liégeois + röstis. Quand Suisse et Belgique ne font plus qu’un.

Voilà, premier scénario de Wulin V2 terminé dimanche passé. J’espère en faire une critique synthétique, mais en attendant, un résumé complet peut être trouvé ici : forum.organisationtressecrete.

While I was testing the new Moment Lens for my phone, I managed to catch my pretty blond cockatiel in a most inappropriate stance.

Cours de . On reprend les bases comme un vieux papy qui cherche à renouer avec son talent passé...

on Fairphone, thanks to the amazing effort of Mal from the Fairphone community! So far, it's been running fine on my side, but I'm not a hardcore user. I just wished Anbox was adapted for Sailfish, so that we could just use a few necessary apps from the Hegemon of all OSes. Or perhaps PWA will save the day?

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