Hello everybody and welcome to Mastodon!
I know it can be a little confusing at first. But don't worry, it's great and not that complicated to use once you learned the basics.
So here are some tips for helping you to get started.

For posting a message, you just have to type your text in the compose box (it should be at the left of your screen on a desktop) and then click on TOOT.

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You can adjust the audience of your message by clicking on the third icon below the compose box.

There is four privacy levels on Mastodon:
1. Public: everyone can see your message.
2. Unlisted: everyone can see your message but it won't appear in the public timelines.
3. Followers-only: only your logged-in followers and the mentioned users will be able to see your message.
4. Direct: only the mentioned users will see it.

Privacy levels are one of the most powerful feature of Mastodon.

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On Mastodon, you can add a "content warning" to your posts.
Content warnings are a way to tell people what your message is about. When used, your message will be hidden by default and other people will have to click on a button to unhide it. It is especially useful to warn people about content that can trigger an anxiety or post-traumatic crisis, but can also be used to hide spoilers, etc.
To add a content warning, just click on the CW button bellow the compose box.

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@Sylvhem This is a spell checker warning 😜

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