Petition to remove the ability for JavaScript to manipulate scrolling from all web browsers


Petetion to remove JavaScript from all web browsers

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@sir sadly that would do more bad than good :/

@alvarezp @sir Because a lot of useful things would break. While some might abuse JS, many don't. And it's unfair to ignore the good parts.

@biosmarcel @sir @alvarezp
>many dont

many dont
you hear that guys, the majority of websites out there dont use js for loading-bar overlays or animated dropdown menus or GDPR banners, they use it responsibly!

@biosmarcel @opal @sir Not my intention to offend, but I have been going through the same argument again and again... and again... and again... most people start with a similar argument. If we were in person with dedicated time it would be way easier. Sorry about this.


What are you sorry for? You haven't done anything wrong ^^

@biosmarcel Yeah, I read the whole thead now. His comment was totally uncalled for. I sometimes come with strict arguments and some people get offended so I thought I was offending. Relieved to see it was not the case. :-)

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