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I'm so sick of websites websites refusing to even display text and images if I don't agree to run their proprietary Javascript on my computer. Isn't it time that browsers started treating requests to run Javascript like requests to use the mic or camera, and asked the user before allowing them? Ideally with crowdsourced info about what the scripts are, and what they do? In other words, make something like #NoScript a standard part of browsers.

@strypey Be careful what you ask for: that would kill the peer web before it started. JavaScript on the client isn’t the enemy. Business logic on the server is the enemy.


@aral @strypey The "Peer Web" has nothing to do! It makes for a twisted argument for logic in content, though. Take Git: the fact that people publishes all of their code in Github does not remove the distributed nature of Git. What will happen in any model of a "Peer Web" is that somebody will offer services to set up content using "peer" technology and, boom, "the Peer Web" will start centralizing again. Scripting in content would still be a serious problem.

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