Reminder: if you don't use JavaScript, you don't get crashes. And don't need loading screens.

I'm liking this post:

And he's got a list of things he wants to be able to do without JS. discuss?

"1. Why can't we have a standard search element that filters a list on the client side (similar to how ng-repeat | filter: worked on Angular)?
2. Wouldn't a standard HTML element for drag-and-drop sorting be awesome?
3. More advanced validation functionality, like comparing equality of two different form fields.
4. The ability to do the modal/checkbox trick above without it feeling like a hack and writing weird CSS."

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@alcinnz Yes! I like these proposals. I have gone myself through this when working with database-related frontends without JS and also came up with some needs:

1. A multi-column SELECT element.
2. A data grid. As opposed to tables, data grids can't span and allow sorting by columns.
3. Selecting the sort column for this hypothetical datagrid via URL, something like page.html?var=val#anchor#.sort=name,asc.
4. A "select all / deselect all" mechanism for forms.

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