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Right... I ate garbage food & now my mental health is circling the drain. I sometimes forget just how critical diet is when maintaining my emotions.

It's mind boggling, really.

"as one door closes, another door opens" as my uncle used to say. lovely chap, terrible cabinet maker.

It is often difficult to accept that though others may have accepted having me in their life, I am not actually important to them.

I will simply have to remember to focus on those who do genuinely enjoy my company. I hope it's enough.

11 loved IT. Apparently my daughter is into creepy shit. Admittedly, it was a solid film, even if it's not what I would normally watch. I was pleasantly surprised.

โ€œAnd this, my son, is where the vortex monster lives. We must always be watchful.โ€

11 wants to watch IT. Not really my thing, but if it makes her happy, so be it. Besides, maybe I'll like it more than I expect.

How do I not have a nubby Phillips head screwdriver? FFS, no matter the task, I never have the right tool for the job.

disability meta, ableism 

Wotan remains very possessive of the baseball prospectus. It is his

"Ooh. That's a nice breeze."

*shit starts blowing away*

"I rescind my statement."

Dear Kirby. You do not need to eat your vomit. You puked it up for a reason. Let it go.

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