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Heat & humidity are making it difficult to accomplish anything today. I'll get it done, but damn I'm moving slowly.

You ever notice how when children are skeptical, we label them as defiant?

@fluffy we never really locked down. At the most restrictive people were still coming up with all sorts of mental gymnastics to consider themselves exempt. @velartrill

Went and sat down by the river for a bit yesterday, and as it got dark loads of bats came out. Maybe two dozen or so, where I was sitting. They swooped around over the slow-moving water, catching insects with amazing agility. Nifty little mice with wings, fluffy ultrasonic squeakers. I sat still, and they started performing their acrobatics right in front of me, sometimes less than a foot away.

I am so happy for Thursday to come. I have an eye appointment so I can finally get contact lenses & a backup pair of glasses. My glasses broke 2-3 weeks ago shortly after starting my delivery job. I'm barely legal to drive without, but naturally that makes it harder to see fine details like house numbers. I can't wait to see clearly again!

I forgot I am sometimes more sore 2-3 days after exercise than the next day.

At least it's not debilitating soreness. Just "I did stuff for a change" soreness.

I'd better go to bed before I end up hitting on everyone in the Fediverse. Goodnight!

*axl rose voice*
take me down to the catgirl city /
where the cats are girls and the girls are kitties

How did Bob Ross create something that would inspire people 30 years later? Fascinating...

Yeah so remember those shitty "you must do arbitration before you can even think of suing us" clauses? Well, DoorDash just got like 5000 arbitration requests filed against them, and they have to cover all the arbitration costs, which amount to millions upon millions of dollars.

They tried to weasel their way out going through with them by trying to do a "class-action arbitration" which does not exist, and which their ToS explicitly stripped from their "contractors" as a right, lmao.

Yeah so in this scene we needed there to be pills all over the floor and we wanted some to be really close to the camera for that perspective feeling so we got some BIG pills..

What about that big pill thats like rolled away from the camera a bit and now is among all the little pills?

Oh uhhh..

You ever come across erotic art where you immediately know the artist has never actually had sex?

This isn't a judgment against their sex lives, to be clear. It's more like watching CSI & the particular scene is about something you have some expertise in & you know the writers didn't consult an expert during production.

I certainly don't expect perfection, but it's always good to know what you don't know, you know?

"Sir," the dragon said, "why do you seek to kill me?"
"You're a dragon! You hoard wealth, and eat women!"
"Old dragons do that. Us young dragons don't. Kill the old ones."
"They're too strong to kill!"
"They'd be dead by now, had you let younger dragons live to challenge them."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Data & Spock having a conversation about their major life goals always fascinates me.

Ooh... The 2-parter with Spock. This will go well with my chicken wings. 😁

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