This is why New Englanders are complaining about the heat. In my case especially, the AC in my car barely works & I'm in it 35-45 hours per week. The nights haven't even been dropping down to below 70, so it stays sticky & gross every night with no reprieve.

I know people in the south are used to this, but imagine Miami being below freezing for over a week to get a feel for the kind of discomfort I'm talking about.

Once again, fuck 2020.

Sorry... Too tired to convert to C.

9.4 / 10 seems a little low, but I'm not surprised it's one of the highest rated things I've seen on IMDB.

The mature apple trees are doing quite well this year. The deer will be pleased.

Tiny apple tree producing a fruit so large that the branch is hanging down an extra 6 inches. Craziness!

Sunflower is over 5 feet tall now. Wonder when it's going to start flowering. Last year it was nearly September (which I think was late), then frost damage kept it from producing seeds. 😒

The last summer lily I expect to have this year. The inconsistent rain caused this plant to struggle with growth this year.

Better luck next year.

I love how these come back every year. This wasn't my doing. Mother nature did this, & I am pleased. πŸ™‚πŸ’š

Pumpkin plants are looking healthy. I'm quite happy with the results thus far.

TIL ants will use the underside of sunflower leaves as an ant nursery. Fascinating.

I've had this apple tree barely a year. It was just under 5 feet when planted. It's over 7 now & look how big the apples are! Nature is crazy! 😎

When your daughter is an artist. ❀️

I have to constantly nag her to keep her room somewhat clean, but her desk (folding table) is her domain. She's allowed to have it be as covered in paint & art as she wants. Last thing I want to do is stifle her creativity. πŸ™‚

I tell this little story, because I will be sharing my progress from time to time, & if anyone feels like I'm taking things too far in any direction, feel free to call me out on it. In the moment, I know I'm ok, but I'm an addict & I'm really getting off on the rush of seeing the numbers on the scale drop. Keeping that under control is my concern. With the speed of the current drop, I could easily let this get out of hand. I guess I'm just saying please let me know if I do. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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