How do people have the energy to like, work a whole bunch of hours every day (I usually assume 8 cause that's what most people work I guess) and also do side projects and *also* manage to like, read books and play video games and stuff.

If I work like, one to three hours in a day I just feel completely drained for the rest of the day, and if I manage to work multiple days in a row and have responsibilities and stuff I just kinda... shut down.

Serious question. I want to know how people do this because I have no energy for anything but so many things I want to do.


@hazelnot I used to do 8 hours a day as is the societal norm here. I was slowly burning out over time & literally on the verge of death in 2019.

I do delivery now 4-7 hours a day, depending on the day. I want to get back into IT, but I'm unlikely to get a schedule that works for me. On my good days in IT I can go up to 16 hours if I'm hyperfixating, but then I can barely do 3-4 the next day. My inconsistent performance, while good on average, makes it hard to stay employed. 😢

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