Took the dog on a mile walk. It's a beautiful sunny warm & breezy day. It was wonderful.

The moment I stopped walking, I felt dizzy, lightheaded, & needed to sit down. I'm so tired of this.

I almost hope neurology finds something tomorrow... Almost.

this is a hyperbolic statement, for the sake of clarity, meant to underscore that if we talked about neurotypicalsl people the way neurotypical people talk about neurodiverse people, you wouldn't like it

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Weight, Injury 

My back has healed enough that I've restarted my daily exercise regimen. Per Dr. recommendations, I've added a few extra stretches to the mix. Also attempted some situps, but my spine was screaming at 7, so I stopped. Still need more healing.

Wow... Nearly 3 hours of REM sleep last night. No wonder I remember having so many weird dreams.

I got things to do but I gotta be lazy first.

Choice paralysis corrected by a hot shower & medication. I have chosen to simply relax & watch pro wrestling.

A small part of me still wants to finish final configurations of Mint so it's to my liking, part of me wants to play , part wants to begin a new spreadsheet to collect data for a future project, & another part wants to research some things. But, tomorrow is another day.

Still need to shower & shave, but for the life of me I can't decide if I want to play a game after, watch TV, or just doomscroll on my phone. Decisions are hard.

just a reminder that costco sells Plan B for about $7 (it’s normally $40) and you don’t need to be a member of costco to visit their pharmacy, simply let them know at the door you are only going to the pharmacy.

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Ran into a few roadblocks & unexpected problems, but I've finally got running on Linux Mint. Wasn't quite as simple as the Lutris site would have you believe, but it's done. 😎

Ah, so *that's* why couldn't properly install launcher before. It would seem my Xbox One wireless adapter was taking over as my wireless internet device. It's not designed to handle that kind of load. Manually disconnecting the dongle & reselecting my proper wifi card allowed the install to complete. Downloading as we speak.

Can't believe that was the problem this entire time. Guess I'll just use a USB cable with the controller to avoid this in the future.

There. Finally got my Kiyo Pro to work in Mint. For reasons I don't understand, absolutely no solutions I found online would work. Went into my Software Sources, refreshed the cache, & then it started working.

These are the things that make me feel dumb.

I'm the one who unplugged it. I remember now. It was making unpleasant noises, so I unplugged it, spent days researching which NAS would be an ideal replacement, ran out of money, forgot I wanted a NAS & forgot I unplugged the drive.

Though, after having dinner & coming back to the computer, everything seems to be working normally.

Manually running backups now before I make a critical mistake I can't resolve.

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I think I b0rk3d my Mint installation & it would seem my timeshift drive got disconnected. Neato.

Sunset at the end of a warm day is one of my favorite times.

Luke is not terribly fond of this warmth, but he's managing to rest in anticipation of cooler overnight temps.

I love him. 🧡

@patrick mental health patients have had to filter carefully for generations. Our physicians have the authority to involuntarily incarcerate us for indeterminate lengths of time, damaging our lives badly, if we say the wrong thing in what is supposed to be a private session with a trustworthy caretaker. There is no trust possible in that situation.

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