Teleportation needs to exist so people who need hugs can get them without the hindrance of geography.

Tonight's drive home on the country roads involved more swerving that I would have liked. Froggies were everywhere.

Spending the last 4 days almost entirely indoors left me surprised by the amount of plant growth I missed. I rather enjoy watching the plants grow, so I feel a little robbed by this.

Came to town in intense pain in hopes of making some money. Been signed in for an hour. I've gotten one delivery offer.

I could have just stayed in bed! 😭

Back on my bullshit of saving photos I want to draw knowing full well I've not drawn anything in 4 years & don't have the time or energy to do it now.


I really do want to draw. It just doesn't come easily to me at all.

Quite thankful I drive an automatic. Being in a vehicle brought my pain back up to an 8 & I'm certain I can't move both legs simultaneously to operate pedals. As it is, I'm struggling to drive. This is likely going to be a short night. 😢

Pain is down to a 7 so far today. That was the case yesterday as well, then I moved wrong. Despite feeling a bit better, I'm taking the cane with me to work. All it takes is me losing my balance once to bring the pain back to a 10. Won't take that risk.

if your update procedure is to link me to your website to download the new version and make me do all the work myself, you're an asshat.

After 10 minutes & a stupid amount of pain, I managed to put socks on for the first time in three days. With luck, that's the most strenuous thing I have to do today. Going to attempt a short work shift later to make a little money... I hope.

You know that thing where a person says "I'm trying to (X)" and the person they're talking to says something along the lines of "don't try, do it!"

Or, if you're a stars war fan, "do or do not, there is no try"

I think that's bullshit. It's demoralizing. It's unhelpful.

We cannot make a better world, unless we believe it it possible.

We cannot build a better future unless we try.

There is no such thing as doing something without trying.

Saying that trying to do something isn't actually doing it is bullshit, and leads to the mentality that it is not worth investing time, effort, and energy into goals which are not certain.

Oh, the drift & responsiveness issues are happening to all controllers. This isn't a hardware issue.


I miss when Nintendo made quality products.

Stupid joy-con drift. Think I finally have it resolved, but that was annoying. Now I remember why I usually stick with PC gaming. When I run into problems there, they're easier to fix.

My poor dog is trying so hard to make me feel better. He's such a good boy.

Thank you, Riddick, for sending my pain back up to a 9. I really appreciate it. 🙄

I made it through the night & the pain never exceeded an 8. That's a bit of a relief. It was 7 most of the night, so we're heading back into bearable territory.

I hope I continue to heal quickly.

"Far Beyond the Stars" is interesting. I'm enjoying seeing all the actors without prosthetics playing completely different roles but doing so all together. They did such a fantastic job I didn't immediately recognize everyone.

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