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I know that email fatigue set in about two decades ago, but allow me my Unpopular Opinion: #email is good! How many of our over-abundance of comms tools today could be reduced to disciplined use of email?

@temporal I'm a happy GuixSD user. I switched to GuixSD after using NixOS for a little over a year (in a VM) to running GuixSD on bare metal. I much prefer Scheme for configuring my OS to the weirdness of Nix. The Guix community is fantastic and has helped me solve every single issue that I have come across when getting things to work, which it turns out was not as bad as expected. The guix documentation is far better IMO, and as others have mentioned having Flatpak as an escape hatch helps.

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A gentle choose-your-own-adventure story by Celine Nguyen about mushroom foraging, the weight of Indigenous history, and sustaining online community.

What happens when an online forum absorbs you into greater intimacy with nature and digital connection?

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@ByronCinNZ It's my impression that FOSS (not mere OSS) needs to be seen as 'crucial (digital) infrastructure' by our government. The same way that roads, water systems, the electrical grid, and many other things are. They should be funded similarly. I'd love to find some folks in government who are both equipped to handle this sort of info, and have the power to influence policy. So far I haven't.

@sotolf As a Texan living in Norway I have always appreciated this and found it funny, although I dislike sometimes being questioned about my home state's politics and policy decisions.

@sotolf I do something similar. I spend time in the forests searching for mushrooms. On less successful excursions I have at least had a nice trip in the forest.

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Contributing to free software requires privilege. Even regular contributors might sometimes find themselves without it.

Time, focus and money. You might find yourself lacking in one of these at various points in your life.

While software projects from startups move like streams, most free software projects move like glaciers. They move slowly but they keep moving for decades.

Being away from a project doesn't mean you have to give it up. You can join back later.

#FreeSoftware #Privilege

I went through so many disc brake pads through the course of about two years on my cargo bike. I blame the weight and hills. @mastobikes It's my favorite theme!

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@musicmatze Mine is discord. I have never used discord!

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I actually hate how k8s is just "accepted" as the solution for container orchestration. Like it's not the only way but even in some providers' interface, they alias "Cluster" with it.

I really sometimes just hate how four companies can dictate what the world uses. And people go with it without thinking because it's a form of job security

@mastobikes Can anyone provide suggestions on mudguards? I have had two rear SKS mudguards corrode and rattle apart the past two winters. I'm riding a Riese and Müller Load 75 with a 26" rear wheel. Looking for anything that is full coverage and will hold up. I felt the same way about Emacs. I was an avid vim user. One day I read a persuasive blog post on Magit and how great it was for some tedious git procedures (specifically partial staging). Magit was my gateway drug, and then OrgMode, and then a bunch of little things here and there resulted in me discarding years of vim experience to get comfortable in Emacs. Haven't looked back since. I also use vanilla Emacs with my own customizations. Perhaps the best interface to git is "magit".

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