#DearFediverse, a question on dev environment isolation. Is either #NixOS or #GUIX usable as an OS for day-to-day use (coding, browsing, occasional gaming)? Or is it better to just use their respective package managers on top of regular Linux? Also, anyone here doing desktop #virtualization? Is there a sense of running a #VM per project? Is that a viable alternative to dual-booing Windows when I want to do some Windows dev or play a game?

I'm planning to overhaul my desktop and am exploring options.


@temporal I'm a happy GuixSD user. I switched to GuixSD after using NixOS for a little over a year (in a VM) to running GuixSD on bare metal. I much prefer Scheme for configuring my OS to the weirdness of Nix. The Guix community is fantastic and has helped me solve every single issue that I have come across when getting things to work, which it turns out was not as bad as expected. The guix documentation is far better IMO, and as others have mentioned having Flatpak as an escape hatch helps.

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