Kult: The Temple of the Flying Saucers

Anyone have ever finished this game? 🤔


@kensanata Please add me to Arcade Gaming, Board Games, Fantasy, Free Culture, Gamedev, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Retro Gaming, RPG.

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#FreeSoftware has a lot of potential in the developing world.

In rural India, 12 villages use #FreedomBox to host free digital services. Activists have re-purposed old computers into FreedomBoxes, mounted them on posts, and served entire villages with free wi-fi and digital services.

These rural #FreedomBox networks got covered in the Times of India.

READ: ‘Every old computer is a potential server that can bring Internet connectivity to an entire village’


ok thank you verty much, I've asked because I didn't find anything about It.

Do you know if you can install a media server on it, like Plex or Emby?

That's not exactly the same green. Anyway the multi screen game and watch was a Nintendo's serie of '80.

Watch here:


yes, that's what I've done and it was very fun :-D

@claudiom Wow great one.
I still have Bomb Sweeper whith double screen.
It's remember Nintendo DS...does it?

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Trailer and details revealed for the new "Amico" system. That's right, I said INTELLIVISION. Very excited about this! 👾🤩

Hello everyone, just joned here...
Anyone from Italy?


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