Nice! I still have my Greenhouse G&W somewhere...

@claudiom Wow great one.
I still have Bomb Sweeper whith double screen.
It's remember Nintendo DS...does it?

@alfio_1979 Yes, it does have that look to it. I'm sure Nintendo looked back at the G&W designs for those. 😃 I used to have a GameBoy SP that I kept when my sons got the DS but that got lost somehow. 😔

@alfio_1979 I think I might buy some batteries and bring my GreenHouse back to life to play for a bit. 😀

yes, that's what I've done and it was very fun :-D

@alfio_1979 Interesting that yours and mine use the same outer casing....even the green color is the same if I'm not mistaken.

That's not exactly the same green. Anyway the multi screen game and watch was a Nintendo's serie of '80.

Watch here:


@alfio_1979 Yes, you're right about the color. I compared before you replied and it was a bit off. I got that one as a birthday gift.

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