I'd quite like a way to filter animals out of my timeline. Sure they are cute by my current ratio of cuteness / total messages is way to high.

@philwills funny, two of my Twitter followers joined and followed me today, any article / trend that triggered the move?

I knew the Feather (Arduino compatible board) was small but I was still surprised when I opened my parcel!

This morning I discovered there was worse than not picking dog poo:
Picking dog poo, putting it in a nice little black bag, then leave it on the floor.
We actually saw on in a tree this morning, how disrespectful can people be will always surprise me.

Dance like no one is watching.
Encrypt like everyone is.

My phone is compatible with the Galileo satellite constellation, and with the launch of the last 4 satellites last week this is getting me excited!

actually, systemd is the name of the inventor. you‘re thinking of systemd‘s monster.

@Gargron just had an idea, is there a way to come back to the timeline with the back button when we're looking at a picture?
It would be particularly useful on Android!

I wanted to write how terrible Google chat is, but I already complained account it two toots ago...

My god Google chat (slack competitor) is such a pile of rubbish

Given the massive blue sky in London, this song is totally appropriate

TFW after cooking for an hour you burn your tongue.
No way to tell if what I've cooked taste good I suppose...

Here's a really uplifting documentary by Vpro about initiatives around the world to improve our water treatment. I highly encourage you to watch it if you have 40 minutes:

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