Q. Is it ethical to talk about my lawn maintenance for longer than ten minutes?
A. No.

Did you know the instance at "twitter.com" doesn't federeate at all, with any other instance? So rude!

A potato #pierogi recipe I copied from the paper and have eaten a million times. It's the cream cheese that makes it special, IMO.

Sometimes I run out of dough and have to double for some reason 🤷 YMMV

octodon.social/media/3CeC_m9bw octodon.social/media/C3fst2M4f

*extremely shameless plug*

Hey visual novel fans!

Do you regret your adolescence?
Feeling left out because all your friends are talking about the complexities of the immigrant experience? Yearn to know how to call someone a motherfucker in 10 different languages?

FRET NO LONGER. You can now buy Four Horsemen on itch.io!!
4 storylines, 9 endings, and 12 homelands full of RAW IMMIGRANT FEELS.


Did you know? Train, my most recent video game, has an entirely Creative Commons soundtrack, featuring 10 tracks of hip-hop, ambient, and jazz?

You can download Train FREE for Mac and PC here! gamejolt.com/games/train/23547

Unexpected use case of the Mastodon textbox: test case for other web forms that say "In 500 characters or less, tell us..."

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed about Four Horsemen by historian Bob Whitaker for his History Respawned podcast, which explores the historical context of video games. Have a listen if you wish: soundcloud.com/historyrespawne

(Would you like to play 4H? Vote for us on Greenlight so we can sell it on Steam! steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles)

Four Horsemen is on Steam Greenlight! Our Kickstarter backers loved it and we'd like to give you the chance to play too. Please vote for us so we can sell the game on Steam.


It is claimed Ernest Hemingway once wrote a six-word short story that could make people cry for a bet. The wager was ten dollars, which Hemingway won with the following: 

big bowl of chili sure does

First commit of Four Horsemen was August 28, 2015. Default Ren'Py templates, character art cropped from concept sketches, and the following placeholder photos:
- My bedroom from when I was a teenager
- The high school in my hometown I never attended, shrouded in fog
- A Taipei tax agency office
- Tools from the day my favorite NYC DIY venue opened
- A power drill
And also as placeholder BGM:
- Final battle music from Blue Dragon
- That one song from Genesis of Aquarion everyone loves

Consequences of unfixed bugs after launch at jobs I have had:

1. Billions of dollars vanish overnight. The global economy crashes, taking with it the hopes and dreams of a generation and bringing forth a zeitgeist of existential malaise. Cancer goes uncured. Nations go to war. Climate change intensifies.
2. A mighty corporation buckles and falls. My colleagues are all fired. Friends on H1Bs are deported, forever altering the destinies of their children. Heroes become scapegoats.
3. I lose $30.

"And if I ride that way again
Still you won't catch me pretendin' I could care less if your monarch lives or dies.
I can’t sing my song in this land and it’s not for lack of tryin,
I remember you, I do, no gods or masters but the Lion!"

Brr brr braaaerr braaaer braer braer brerbrerbrerbrerbrer. Brr brr brr braaaaaaaau


There's still work ahead, but after all these months of deathmarch...what a relief.

FOUR HORSEMEN IS OUUUUUUT!! \0/ Very excited to see what our Kickstarter backers think.

Soon the game will be out on retail. But for now, I rest--that last push worked me sick. (Been asleep through most of today...)

I just found out tax day in the US this year is on April 18, not April 15 as usual.

*1000 pt "." character*

So many cultures name women after flowers.
I used to think this was purely patriarchal, superficial, and reductive, but now I'm thinking maybe that tendency just reflects a universal human understanding of the association of the feminine with life and death, blood and health, mortality and change.

I've heard a bunch of people refer to this tic as an English-learning mistake, but it's so distinctive and so common among Indian speakers I'm ready to accept it as a natural part of upper middle class Indian English dialect...and I'll take the effort to make the game read that way too.

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